IVORY 3-way smart-switch for dusk/dawn timer?

I’m trying to install a dusk/dawn timer for my front porch, and it has to be a 3-way timer in ivory (I don’t want to replace 15 switches in one hallway/foyer area just for one switch). I haven’t found any that were just regular programmable timers (as in, tell it your time zone and it will choose dusk/dawn time based on that, no other smart or remote control options) so I thought I’d just go ahead with a smart switch, but the only one I’ve found is this one by Eaton. Does anyone have any experience with it to know if it would be fine for what I need?

I’m not quite clear on what you’re asking. :thinking:

Most zwave switches, some zigbee switches, and a few WiFi switches can be set up in a three-way configuration which will work even if other parts of the Home Automation system are not working. But almost all of them will require that you replace both switches on the three-way, the master and the accessory.

And quite a few brands offer optional switch covers in ivory.

So… we will need a few more details as far as what you’re asking.

  1. do you have a smartthings hub, and if so, which model?

  2. if you don’t have a smartthings hub and you want to use the switch with a smartthings account, it will have to have a cloud to cloud Integration or be using Wi-Fi.

  3. The model that you linked to is a Wi-Fi master switch that uses a traveler wire to communicate with an accessory switch in a three-way set up. It’s unusual in a good way in that it appears from the manual that you can use any existing dumb accessory switch as long as you follow the wiring diagram exactly. I didn’t look to see for sure, but normally in those set ups you only get on/off from the accessory, not dimming, so you will want to check into that to be sure.

  4. oddly, Eaton is not providing an app for its Wi-Fi switches: they tell you to use the Alexa app. And it does not appear that the Wi-Fi models are compatible with smartthings, although Eaton’s models mostly are. So if you were looking for a switch that works with smartthings, this particular model is not that.


Do you want it to work with smartthings?

If so, do you have a smartthings hub or are you running a hub optional configuration?

Are you willing to replace both the master and the accessory switches in order to get the three-way? Do your switches currently use a physical traveler wire?

Do you need to be able to dim from the accessory switch, or just on/off is OK?

I don’t have any experience with that brand but I believe The Smartest House has some that will work with interchangeable covers.
I have one of there Zooz switches on my porch light and used smartthings to set it on at sunset, off at sunrise. It has worked without fail.

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An alternative candidate might be the Leviton Wi-Fi switch, DW15S. It works with smartthings or its own app. You do have to buy their dumb accessory switch for the three-way. And you can buy an ivory face plate, but you have to pay extra: the switch itself only comes with white and almond.


Color change kit. The product description says “Homekit“ but it works with any of the Leviton DeCora Smart master switches.

I’m tired right now, so you would also need to look up the companion switch.

So you are buying more pieces than the Eaton, but you are also getting more functionality in terms of smartthings integration.

The ZEN76 switch with a light almond paddle replacement will work but you need a physical SmartThings (or Aeotec) hub to control it remotely since it’s a Z-Wave device. You only need 1 ZEN76 switch and you can keep your existing 3-way switch on the other side of the 3-way to make the whole set-up smart.

Thanks to all for your suggestions! It ended up being a moot point: I thought this switch had a neutral but the electrician apparently decided to use the white wire for one of the travelers, so I have no neutral available in this location. Now looking at smart-bulbs to give us the dusk-to-dawn that we need, and I posted a separate question to help me address that.