Items for sale in the UK

If I’m contravening any forum rules by offering the below items for sale let me know and I’ll remove the post.

I’m holding quite a few pieces of equipment, all items are EU z-wave frequency and are boxed as new. If you’re interested in anything PM me and we can discuss further. I’m happy to take PayPal or a bank transfer and I’ll cover delivery costs.

Aeon Aeotec 3 Clamp Energy Meter - £60
Model: DSB28-ZWEU 2nd Edition
Comes with with 3 x 200A clamps

Z-Wave Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch by Aeon Labs Gen5 - ZW078-C - £70
For switching loads up to 40A

Aeotec Single Clamp Energy Meter - £60
Aeon Labs Z-Wave 1 x 200A clamp EU Energy Meter - AEO_HEM1-200A 2nd Gen

Aeotec Micro Smart Switch - £38
2nd Edition by Aeon (DSC18103-ZWEU)
For switching up to 10A

Danfoss Radiator Valve - £40
LC13 Smart TRV Radiator Valve (014G0013)

Everspring Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor - £20
Everspring HSM02

Horstmann Thermostat and Switch £40
HRT4-ZW wireless Z-Wave electronic thermostat and ASR-ZW receiver with TPI energy saving software.

Z-Wave USB Stick - £20
Z-Wave.Me USB Stick ZME-UZB1 Z-Wave

Very temped with the heavy duty switch, it’s exactly what I need for my immersion heater!
Sadly I’ve just dropped a load of cash on some smart plugs, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’s still available when I next have a “window of opportunity” to spend money on gadgets :slight_smile: