It seems disconnected push notification message is sent periodically

I’m currently using a SmartThings Schema connector with AWS Lambda.

Recently, I’ve noticed that disconnect push message similar to the followings is sent everyday.

[Project Name] and related devices have disconnected from SmartThings. Tap here to reconnect.

I’ve checked through notification history(Menu → Notifications in the SmartThings app).

A strange thing is that, this message is sent at the similar time of the day. e.g.)
11:56 AM, 10/27
11:56 AM, 10/26
11:57 AM, 10/25
11:56 AM, 10/24
11:56 AM, 10/23
… etc …

Of course, actual device state is connected at the time of receiving push messages, and my integration respond device state as connected.

Does this issue is related to automatic polling?

Automatic polling occurs approximately every 6 hours. The Discovery request is followed by the State Refresh request.

But push message is not sent every 6 hours, but every 24 hours.

Or, is there a way I could prevent sending periodic disconnected push notification from my integration?
But it seems that SmartThings Schema connector type does not support method on push notification initiated from my integration.


Hi, @blue9519! Let me review some details with the engineering team and I’ll let you know.

Update: Can you send the following information to, please?

  • ST Schema ID (it’s located in the Developer Workspace, Eg. viper_xxx-xxx-...
  • Please, send the info preferably from the account where you installed the device, if not, share the corresponding email too.
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Okay, thank you for your response!