Is Xfinity Home so much better?

Can 20k people be wrong that Xfinity Home is doing so much better than Wink & SmartThings? At least on Google Play it seems that way.

DISCLAIMER: there is NO company I detest more than Comcast. Even if they would give me cable for free, I would not be signing up. Although they have tried (long story and not the right place to elaborate)

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They are paying monthly fees, and they have installers to make them happy, apples and oranges. Plus they have a better platform that runs locally, uses higher end devices and a closed ecosystem that works 100% of the time.

Plus they have many more customers and survey the heck out of them to encourage positive feedback.

When was the last time you got an official ST survey on customer satisfaction?


Well those are Google Play rantings, I don’t know how much influence the customer satisfaction surveys have. I think it’s interesting the dive Iris took with their v2. And how Wink is staying ahead of ST.

xfinity home is an alarm system first with some home automation. I would guess the vast majority don’t use any (or only a couple) smart home items.

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You know how most apps ask for ratings? Yet Wink, ST and Iris don’t? Maybe that has something to do with it as well. Comcast apps all ask you to rate them, constantly, every phone call, email, new app install…

They are always asking for feedback. There is a principle in customer satisfaction that the more you survey, the better the averaging will be. If you don’t survey, only the bad will show up.

I believe this is the perfect case for what you are seeing, ST isn’t surveying, nor are the others, because they either think they know the answer, or don’t want to know…

Either way, its not that Comcast’s solution is the best, but 4x the number of users have submitted more than positive reviews, that’s all. Confirmation bias really.


Not to mention the average consumer already has a cable company and most likely has not heard of any of the companies listed below. I have a bunch of friends who opt for the cable company since they can get someone else to install and maintain it. All other apps mentioned are more of a DIY approach.


Nearly all the reviews are about the alarm system.

Comcast does a good job of bundling and up-selling. I know a few people who have it and feel so protected with their 3 doors with sensors, and one motion sensor.

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When I see things like this, I break it down to bring the numbers level.

Total number of 1 star / total reviews = %
Total number of 2 star / total reviews =%

And so on…

This gives a mode accurate picture of the number of happy vs unhappy users.

Most websites have started showing the percentages…

My breakdown:
4&5 stars are happy people
1&2 stars are unhappy people
3 stars agree neutral and don’t count

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I actually had their alarm service for a month and it’s actually very good. Too bad their Internet was unreliable in my new home and their customer service is absolutely in the gutter. Had to say Bye to Comcrap as a result.


How would you explain this?


1/3 of the people hate it.
1/2 liked it
And 1/5 was the spouse that was drug to the movie giving a bored review late at night.

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Just since Sat w/ Comcast Sat = new router replacement , Sun = service call, Mon = service call, Tuesday= service call, Wed - ok, AND TODAY complete drop started at 1:37AM and the “field tech” after 2 phone calls, informed me the Supervisor level tech’s who need to come out are out for the long holiday weekend, so Tuesday morning is when it has to be. I asked for packet drop traces etc etc , i get we don’t do that. I ask for metrics - they don’t have those…Paying for BLAST PRO with an SLA of 150 MBPS down. mostly i bounce between a total drop and 40 - It is charming listening to the garage door go up and down because it screws the arrival sensor’s among a million other things.

Can anyone recommend a ISP that delivers, consistently. I am thinking Satellite, as I think it may be literally the head end down and the physical lines have degradation. Oh this was a NEW development, built 2 years ago.

We had satellite several years ago as a replacement for dial-up in an area that wasn’t serviced by DSL or cable. It was better than dial-up, but suffered from huge latency issues due to the distance the signal had to travel. Download speeds were ok but upload speeds were horrendous. I’d pick DSL over satellite if it’s available in your area.

Comcast is a nightmare to deal with. I have Comcast Internet and tv because I have no other choice. I guess I could do satellite but my experiences with that for reliable Internet is horrible.

When I first had Comcast installed it took them 4 days to finally get it done, on the 3rd day asked the tech to leave my house because he obviously didn’t have a clue. Had to call and request I different tech.

Before I got Smartthings I had signed up for the Xfinity home, lucky for me the tech didn’t show up for first appointment (no phone calls or emails from them) took me calling asking what was happening. 2nd trip tech says that there is a issue with my cables that they installed, only about year before

So needless to say I called the main number and said thanks but no thanks.

Have to say the Internet is very reliable and reasonably fast. But having to deal with them for support is a nightmare that comes true. Most everyone in this area that I know has Comcast says the same thing there Customer service is terrible. I’m sure if you surveyed base on customer service that rating would tank.

tired of the rip off and the poor delivery of the SLA! Don’t misunderstand I am not for gov’t in our mix - but really i am to the point . make it a public utility, it’s first world country we all need it, light electricity. I am getting taken anyway ! No political pushback please, just frustrated as heck.

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Nobody should have liked it. 77% of people gave it 3 stars or above, actually surprised that its only 3.2 stars, seems like it should be higher.

I have a similar check. The 5s should outweigh the 1s. But you find most the truthful reviews in the 4s and 2s.

This is very true. I use my percentage method first. That is also depending on what the item is. A low number of reviews means it normally is bypassed, unless I can’t find it elsewhere.

Once it passes that test, I then move on to reading. 5’s are probably paid to do it, and the 1’s are usually the people that never plugged the thing in and bitch that it doesn’t work.

Two’s and fours are the way to go.


Nothing on or Vivint?