Is there any available source code of smartthings mobile?

Hello everyone,

I need to customize something in the mobile app and try to searching but cannot find any source code of mobile app that can be work with smartthings hub. Is there any source code of smartthings mobile app (Android or iOS) available for download?

Thank you very much.
(And sorry for my bad English)

I don’t think ANY company makes their source code available to the public, unless they are open source, which SmartThings is not.

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What are you trying to customize?

I want to customize dashboard (completely) and security functions. It can’t be do with smart apps so I need to customize the main mobile application :frowning:

Here is some of their source code…

if(isDashboardUseful) {

if(userWantsToCreateMode) {

if(successfulLogins >= 3) {

if(userInAHurry) {
     showWaitSpinner(getRandom() * 1000))

It can be done with SmartApps, with enough work.

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Oh, thank you very much. It’s try more with smart apps. Btw, do you know how to make multi language UI for smartthings mobile app?

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Currently, as far as I know, there is no “internationalization” API, but I’m sure this is a high priority for SmartThings due to Asia-Pacific expansion.