Is there a way to set light custom light colors?

I have a lot of HUE bulbs on my network and can’t find a way to do two things:

  1. Set colors without changing on/off/brightness setting. I want to be able to set moods throughout my house that work independent of what mode we’re in. I don’t want to have to make 30 new automations to take into account which mode I’m in when the new colors are set. (for instance, I want my hues to turn blue at 8 pm, but not turn on if I’m away. I want the lights to be blue when I get home and the lights turn themselves on. This should be simple by setting them to blue at 8, but not changing the power/dim status.)

  2. Set colors outside the default 12.

Is there an app for this?

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Forgive me for piggy-backing on your request.

I have LED strips from different vendors and installed as accents in areas with different surface finishes and wall colors. The basic default color picker in Smart Lighting apps is insufficient to get the LEDs to a color perceived to be the same. Using the manual color picker color matching is easy.

I haven’t found an app that allows using the manual color picker or even allowing typing in Hue, Saturation and Level values.


I’m guessing this isn’t a high priority for anybody ??

Let’s try tagging @infofiend again. But meanwhile, you can use the quick browse list for lighting in the community created wiki. There are several color control smartapps there.

I have created a couple different DTH that have that functionality. One for Hues a while back - I’ll have to find it and one for Osram Gardenspot Minis - you can check that one out here:

But it might be easier for me to just add those things to the stock Hue DTH. Let me know.

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Thanks, you are probably correct. As a newbie, I have discovered CORE goes a long way towards what I want.

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