Is there a new way to see all available icons?

I am trying to find a nice icon for a “Send IR Command” button. Perhaps a remote with a wave coming out etc.

When I have asked about icons in the past I was directed here

But that list seems broken now. If this is the correct location it has several icons which don’t display and it is missing icons which are available for example “st.secondary.configure”

Is there a better way to find icons ? I looked in the documentation pages but could not find icons listed.

I think this should be added to “References” section of documentation. I would think anyone working on device or smart app code would want to view available icons.

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That link is still accurate, its pulling icons from but it looks like ST has pulled a lot of icons from the list.

Are you sure that is the current way ? There is no link from documentation. Perhaps someone from SmartThings can reply. @April who does the documentation there days ?

If this is the only current way to see icons then there are some issues.

  1. Valid icons are missing for example st.secondary.configure
  2. Listed icons point to broken links.
  3. according to the page it is updated every 60min if this is correct then why are icons broken and missing ?

I also have always disliked this page. I need the path to the icon but it is only displayed if I mouse over. I can’t cut/paste from a mouse over. So I have to use chrome “Inspect element” and grab the value from the html which is really silly. Why not display the path for each icon on the page so I can easily cut/paste ?

Does anyone know of other sources of icons ?

Yep. A few days ago there was a bunch of new icons, including Tesla and BMW sections. Now they’re gone.

Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I have been searching for a current list of ST Icons this morning and cannot seem to find a source that has the complete list any longer. has some of the icons, but is missing a significant number of icons. Does anyone know what happened to them? I know the missing ones still work… but I’d really like to see the full list again. Any suggestions?


Bumping because the list of icons in the documentation is still extremely lacking.


I will second the bump. Working on some custom device type for a garage door opener and I know there are icons out there for it (see them in documentation). They are not on what is billed as the “complete list”.

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Bump again definitely need the full list.


Bump…This would be very useful…supposedly there is a ST.Thermostat category that I would like to see…Any idea how to see what is available there?

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Ask the developer advocates … it’s exactly in their wheelhouse, @slagle, @jody.albritton, @Jim

Puzzled why this isn’t readily available. I thought the link everyone has been throwing around was a good temporary fix until I noticed the lack of several obvious and useful icons like a door. An example device handler I grabbed makes use of security icons as well that aren’t listed.

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Looks like you joined recently. You will get used to “puzzling” issues with ST. Little things like this never get fixed but would help the community if they were.

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Label me a noob. Still digging everything though. Pretty stoked how quickly I can wire an Arduino project to a smartphone; not to mention no monthly fee. Is there a sense that support is diminishing or is this par for the course?

Tough to say it has always been weak but seems worse to me now, maybe just losing patience. Still great community and mostly open makes it easy to work around issues. Problem is almost everything I do requires some hacking because so many long running issues. That said I still have a fairly well automated home now and mostly works. Good luck, enjoy and welcome to the fray.

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Sorry this is old I didn’t see another stream, I see my Dlink device using a camera image that is not available form the documentation…