Is there a more accurate driver showing correct battery levels for ST Zigbee Water Sensors?

The battery always shows at least 50% remaining when it goes offline and I discover the battery is dead.
A driver with more accurate remaining battery life would make my life much easier!

I am using @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's “Zigbee Moisture Sensor Mc” driver and have not noticed that problem.

You can find a link to the driver here.

Just to get this out-of-the-way: you’re using regular single use batteries, right, not rechargeable?

Battery reporting for rechargeables doesn’t usually work because they have a different usage curve.

So the behavior you are describing is really typical of a rechargeable battery. They look like they have battery left and then they just drop to nothing. :thinking:

Doesn’t mean that’s what’s going on, but I just thought I’d check to be sure.

Nope, they are lithium single use. I usually get 6 to 9 months out of them, but they have never showed a reading below 50%.
I’m trying one of the community drivers now and the writer of the driver is the same guy that wrote the zigbee driver for my window shades that works great so I’m hopeful.
Thanks for your input!

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Thank you! I have installed it and will monitor it,
Mariano also wrote a zigbee driver for Smartwings that works perfectly! So I’m very hopeful!
Thanks again, Paul.


Hi @Mike24433

Although it seems strange behavior, but it may happen that the battery reaches a charge level that does not support the minimum consumption of the device and has not been able to send the battery level message to the driver.

This may be due to a defective battery or the device itself, which is poorly calibrated, due to hardware or software, the low voltage cut-off point. Normally this affects the quality of the battery more, but also the quality of the device.

Normally standard certified electronic devices have a circuit that controls the minimum level of supply voltage that allows their correct operation and when it falls below that level it turns off and prevents incorrect operation of the device that could generate false events or unsafe operation.

In this post we talked about something similar for other devices, but it may be applicable to other devices.

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Thank you!