Is there a DH for PUCK "IR" ( universal remote)?

has anyone looked into.

I talked to them at C.E.S. and their device looks like a battery powered harmony killer.
the lady said they have just spent all of their money on pushing the product but home to find a way to code it into smart things in phase 2 of their plan.

I cannot find any smart apps or device handlers for this yet but if someone has one please let me know.

If it is a Bluetooth device then you are not going to be able to use it with ST. Not a good sign when it is only get a 60% rating on Amazon.


Or when they say they’ve spent all of their money on pushing the product. lol

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It has no internet connectivity, can’t integrate with Alexa, google home, SmartThings etc.

Seems like it’s functionality is far inferior to what you get with harmony, imo.

“Phase 2” would almost certainly require a bridge device to get it connected to the internet, and any other IoT devices. Which will cost the user more $$.

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have you read the bad reviews, user errors.

Did they explain at CES how they were planning to integrate it with ST? Or anything else for that matter?

yes, she said the next phase was to integrate them with smarthome hubs such as smart things and wink.

Yes I understand that is their stated intention. IoT device makers often make all kinds of promises re: future plans.

My question is how are they going to do that?

Without a bridge, I guess it could pair with a wink 2 hub.

But otherwise, no SmartThings, no alexa, no google home.


I just sent them an email asking for clarification.

We’ll see what they say.


Sorry, almost forgot to post their reply. They got back to me pretty quickly.

We showed off a WiFi-BLE hub at CES that is similar in size to PUCK. It will enable PUCK to incorporate google home and Alexa. This is planned for late Q2 release. However, we hope to release voice support via the app, using an android device as the hub. This is scheduled for release later this quarter.

So they need a WiFi bridge, as I mentioned.

I’m not sure what they mean by “voice support via the app, using an android device as the hub.”

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