Is there a COTS Z Wave immersion temp sensor probe

Greetings … I’ve seen some older posts inquiring about the availability of a Z Wave immersion temperature sensor for analog temp sensing of liquid. I’ve not been able to find one and would actually settle for a Z Wave analog transmitter that I can attach my own thermistor temp probe to.
Don’t need a local display or anything fancy.
I’ve used a dual input analog transmitter made by a company called Inovonics and it works great except you have to use their own proprietary 900 MHz serial receiver and build an application. Their upside is that they have a huge selection of wireless sensors and switches that talk to their receiver and they are truly commercial grade. They are also relatively small compared to some of the Z Wave and Zigbee temp and RH sensors I have seen that have local displays on them.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Disclaimer: I’ve never tried what I’m about to suggest. No promises that it will work, but it seems to me to be a good option.

The Fibaro door sensor has an auxiliary thermometer input which you could connect to a waterproof temperature sensor. If you end up exploring this option, make sure you purchase the first generation Fibaro sensor, I don’t think the newest one supports the auxiliary input.

Here is a thread about getting the Fibaro sensor working with SmartThings.

COTS / built-in device type - not great but it works for temperature

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Thanks Justin … great suggestion and I am awaiting a ST Hub to go along with the Fibaro door sensor. Looks like I will need a custom door handler as described on a thread dedicated to the Fibaro dooor sensor since I could only get the ZWave+ version.

How did you create this chart? Is it possible to log and auto generate charts? Also, I am reading that increasing the sampling rate greatly reduces the battery life in the Fibaro sensor. It looks like your temperature sample [points were are from change of value settings, correct? Have you tried the fibaro sensor with any modifications to the sampling intervals based upon time and not COV?

Damon_Tarquinio just curious I have a ton of those inovonics temp and contact sensors were you able to get them to work with Smartthings? I would love to be able to make use of them

Scott … no … I tried testing the Fibaro door/temp sensor with a
DS1820 temp sensor and it worked for a while, but the battery drained out
in less than 3 weeks. The sampling frequency and timing of the reporting
of the current temperature values was too slow and spotty to be reliably
used in a real life application where temperature monitoring/control is
based upon samples every 1-3 minutes. I never went down the path to work
on getting Inovonics integrated since their universal serial receiver is
pricey on top of the ST Hub. That being said, if you need a
commercial/industrial wireless solution, use a commercial/industrial
product, not a home automation/DIY product.

I have several of the inovonics receivers that are rebranded under the TempTrak name. I have hundreds of these dual sensors. I would love to get some of them to work through smartthings