Is the new app done? (Feb 2019)

What is the latest on when classic app users are supposed to migrate to the new app? Seems it has been awhile and we are getting left behind. As a casual user I don’t feel I should have to spend a lot of time digging through the forums here to find my answers.

The one thing I see that prevents me from migrating now is the smart home monitor. I can’t configure a routione to automate the arm and disarm of the system based on presence of my phone.

And why is Samsung email support taking weeks to respond? What happened to chat support which hasn’t been available in a few months?

No, it still lacks some of the features that the Classic App provided. IMHO its still Beta…

Set your expectations low. This particular feature might never be ported. There’s no reason they couldn’t have included it already.

Having the home automatically Arm upon lack of presence is risky, since presence is sometimes flaky. It could be that SmartThings has decided it is not worth the risk. Or they are pushing the can down the road until they can come up with ways to make it more resilient.

I wouldn’t consider the new App to be “Beta” any more than Classic. They are just quite … different. “Classic” is more likely to be stable because it won’t have all the frequent updates that “New” has - since New is getting all the, ummm… new development.

I don’t know if Support has been given a different script, but SmartThings certainly expects all current purchasers of SmartThings to use the New App exclusively. Otherwise they would have explicitly called the New App … “Beta”.

Disappointing, if true.

I’m in no hurry to be moved to the new app. I don’t see us getting “left behind” at all at this point.

johndeve, you are free to make the move any time you want. But please, don’t do me the ‘favor’ of encouraging Samsung to push me out of what works.

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Well I guess I am not having too many problems with the classic app. A few weeks back I emailed support when I couldn’t find ‘chat’ available about having duplicate users ‘owner’ type that can’t be deleted. I like for things to be correct and with no obvious way to correct this or not knowing for sure if it would cause problems I asked for help. About a week later, I was asked to try something, didn’t work. About a week later I was asked to try something else, also didn’t work. Then a week later I was asked to provide a screen print showing what wasn’t working, although I felt I accurately described the problem I sent the screen print and I am now waiting on the response. When I asked about moving to the new app I didn’t get a response. When I opened another email support request asking if the new app was ready for me they didn’t reply. I opened another support request asking why the online chat is no longer available when it says it should be, also no response. All, disappointing to me. Maybe it is just getting time to consider another platform.

Give them a call, chat appears to no longer be offered. I was skeptical that a phone call would reach anybody with any kind of experience in SmartThings, but to my surprise, I was wrong. Although the callback wait time was 4 hours (disclosed upfront) the person who called me back was a SmartThings support rep who has helped me before. Very knowledgeable, polite and efficient. Two thumbs up to SmartThings support.

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Came here for this. I got an email the other day telling me about how I should see exciting changes to my app… except nothing has changed. I’m assuming it is for people with the new app, but it made me question if I had missed the invite to move over to it. Has it been over a year now since they told us we would “soon” be moving to a new app? Bad job, Samsung.

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FWIW, I have had duplicate owners in the classic app since the migration of my login some time ago. I was told at that time that it couldn’t be fixed and it hasn’t been an issue other than visually incorrect. My guess, since this is a bug in the EVENTUALLY to be deprecated classic app, they are not going to dedicate any resources into fixing it. The multiple entries are not showing in the new app for me.

There’s two conflicting perspectives:

  1. Despite everything we “know” to be true, Samsung really wants everyone to be using the New App. We still have no assurance that every remaining bit of functionality of the Classic App will be ported.

  2. Are we sticking with the Classic App because it is more complete / flexible / reliable / accommodating to legacy custom code? Or just because it is familiar? i.e., If a Customer has never used SmartThings “Classic” - do they know or care what they are “missing”?

Thank you for confirming what I expected about the duplicate users…

Other Smartthings misses I have ran into along the way…

  1. Batteries leaked and not handled well by Samsung. Which were kind of useless anyway. I no longer use batteries.

  2. A couple of years ago my devices would get stuck not reporting and would be unrecognized as not reporting. App has been improved and is no longer an issue.

  3. Dlink cameras I purchased because they were supported were moved to smartthings labs and now likely never work in the new app.

  4. All Samsung branded contact sensors I have tried except a 2018 multi purpose sensor have failed. The ones I replaced failed and sometimes the replacements failed. I switched to Iris and none have failed.

  5. My 2018 multipurpose sensor that I installed as a tilt sensor did not work when I got it. Confirmed in this forum that it would not work as a tilt sensor. Support told me I needed a device handler. I didn’t try, although I have set up device handlers before. At some point later though after a firmware update it did start working.

Kept thinking things would get better.

A lot of these can be fixed. I was able to remove blank locations created by the migration, additional users created by Samsung single sign on. With the latter I had ST Support walk me through on how to do it on the phone, but then I did it twice more on my own, as I was trying to change my email account and failed miserably at doing so several times. I had to go back to the original email…Lesson learned, DON’T EVER try to change your initial Samsung account email!

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I’m missing a ton of devices in the new app - when I go to Device view they just aren’t there. Some that are there never show status - just stay on “Checking status” and others show as “Disconnected.” Their status shows up fine in the Classic app. Still using the Classic app full time and see no reason to change yet.

I know I ended up with 2 owners. One is my old ST owner and the other is my Samsung login. They just both have to have the same email address. What I have is not from Samsung single logins.

Frankly not being able to arm / disarm using presence sensors in the “new app” is a joke. It is for me, one of the most useful features of the Classic App. ST devs must be able to add it to the new app as the back end infrastructure is already there and works very well (for me at least).

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You are making a very poor assumption that geopresence works well for all. The reality is far from it. Could you imagine if it turned off because of a issue with smarthings and then you got robbed and it never went off… I wouldn’t expect any security company to take on that responsibility if they are not 100% sure it will work all the time.

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That’s why I think the HomeKit approach is a happy medium.


If we don’t pay for the service or have any contract with anyone we should be able to set it up and use it how we like and assume whatever responsibility goes along.

Absolutely… Unfortunately, in the USA at least, a consumer class action lawsuit against Samsung arguing that automated unlocking or disarming makes SmartThings “inherently unsafe” would likely be allowed to proceed.

If not a lawsuit, the gadget media would gladly crucify SmartThings for a perceived security issue.

Stupid consumers, lawyers, and “journalists” ruin things for everyone.



You can have all the disclaimers you want…someone will still blame Samsung