Is SmartThings Shield for Arduino Available Anywhere?

I know this is an older thread, but just wanted to ask if anyone else is using ST with a Wemo Maker to roughly the same effect as they might with an Arduino ST Shield. I just got the Wemo Maker (Connect) app here: [RELEASE] Wemo Maker
I’ve been wanting to hook up a waterproof temp probe (for a hot tub) that could then trigger smart things to turn off a Leviton wall outlet that the hot tub is plugged into. I have a problem with my tub getting overheated (which is also a big waste of power, and annoying when I can’t get in for fear of third degree burns :wink: ) I was planning on using the shield for this, but just started playing with the Maker.
My current issue I’m trying to resolve is whether the Maker device and Smartapp alone can do this. I also want the outlet to come back on when the water temp is low enough again. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to insert an Arduino between the temp probe and the Maker to handle the logic, then send the correct voltage values to the Maker, which will then trigger the ST routine to turn off/on the tub. I would just love to have the Shield, and eliminate the Maker from the picture. What a pity it’s been discontinued. Someone else needs to make those, and sell them on amazon. Seems like there’s good demand from everything I’ve read. In any case, I hope this all works! Thanks for all the great info and links in this thread. Super helpful.


PM me if you want to buy a shield from me.

Hey there! I’ll take one please! I’m on vacation in Mexico right now, but I can PayPal you or however you’d like to receive payment. What platform are you using these days now that you’ve away from ST?

I’m probably just being dense due to lack of good coffee, but I can’t figure out how to PM you @dome. My email is jeremy dot Koerber at gmail dot com. This is a serious offer for one of your shields. Thanks!

You can use an Arduino with an XBee shield for some of the functionality that the SmartThings Shield provided. As a starting point, I have ported JRucker’s spin ZigBee HA API over to Arduino. It can be found at:

There are more details on the WiKi tab.


i created an account here to say that i want the other shield you have for sale. i cannot send a PM because i am new but i seriously want the shield and i do have a paypal send me an email to gleamindemon at hot mail dot com

@gleamindemon and @Jeremy_Koerber

I’ll reach out to you guys by email. Thanks!

Thanks @dome! Standing by.

if SmartThings shields are not commercialized anymore, would it make sense to release schematics as Open Source Hardware (OSHW) ?


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Does anyone else have a SmartThings ThingShield that they’d be willing to sell?

I have a SmartThings ThingShield I’m not using if anybody still needs one.

I’m definitely interested. How shall we proceed?

Sorry already sold the shield early in the week.


OK Thanks anyway

I am interested in buying a SmartThings Shield if anyone is interested in selling one that is not being used. Much Appreciated. PM me if possible, Thanks in advance.

Hi All…

It’s me again… like a broken record …( Old School )

If anyone has an Arduino ThingShield available for sale, please let me know
still looking for a couple units.

Thanks very much


edit: sold!

I have 2 SmartThings Shields that never were deployed. Going price around here seems to be $50 with shipping to the lower 48.

I’ll take one (or both) PLease PM with the place to send PayPal - If that’s OK

Hi Mayhem,
Your DuinoZigbeeAPI helped me understand and jump start on the DIY smartthings project.

I do have a problem. Sometimes when I tried to turn on/off from smartthings app, I don’t see the led respond properly. Only thing i tried so far is to get the data and print it on serial output on arduino. It doesn’t seem to get a good packet.

I’m not sure if the ST hub itsself isn’t sending the request or if it is not picked up by the xbee+arduino. Is there a way to debug this?

I’m looking for min 1 possibly 2 smartthings arduino shield(s). Does anyone have such available for sale?