Is SmartThings no longer the way to go?

Hey all!

I’ve had ST up and running with all kinds of routines with Alexa, simulated switches, 3rd party apps, custom code, etc for a number of years now. Everything was working perfectly until the new app was forced on me.

I’ve made new routines in the new app using the same simulated switches and the routines execute correctly maybe 50% of the time.

Is there a better hub than ST out there? Preferably something that will allow simulated switches and locks.

I’m so tired of this POS at this point.


Every system has its problems (the grass is greener :slight_smile:)

When you say the Routines in the new app do you mean Automations or Scenes because the new app doesn’t have routines.

As advised check out the “other hubs” thread. Ex ST user myself, on hubitat since summer when I became completely tired of St’s increasingly common issues.

Never looked back. Hubitat (for me) gets completely battered for a number of reasons daily in our home and…

It. Just. Works.

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