Is SmartThings Classic being discontinued?

I received an email about transitioning to the new SmartThings app. It read in part. “Many (NOT all) of the features from SmartThings Classic are now included in the new SmartThings app!” I’m perfectly happy with SmartThings Classic. I read nightmare stories of people trying to make a transition.

Am I being forced to do this. I have read the support documents from Samsung they don’t answer this question.

Using iOS. Thanks

Yes. See The official announcement thread:


I did read “You will need to migrate as the Classic app will eventually be deprecated.” Is “deprecated” new-speak for discontinued, no longer function, or some other plain English word or phrase? Kind of scary considering how the Classic app is generally well reviewed. The with the new app I only read about tragedy and horror.

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The conventional interpretation of ‘deprecated’ is that it will still function, but if you do use it, especially for anything new, people discovering this will suck air across their teeth, jerk their heads upwards slightly, and in extreme cases make audible tutting noises and blow air out of their mouths with a ‘pfffft’ sound. (*)

There is normally an implied threat of discontinuation at some unspecified point in the future.

Personally, I am hoping that the Classic app will be completely removed by the end of the year at the very latest, along with all the ‘tiles’ sections in device handlers and any other vestiges of it like SHM and Routines. Let’s clear the decks.

(*) These may be peculiarly British responses.


“Deprecated” has long been used in information technology to mean “no longer sold or supported.”

As @orangebucket mentioned, it may continue to run for awhile, but then again, it may not. Or features may disappear randomly from time to time.

I don’t think the Classic app has ever been “well reviewed.” It’s always been seen as a fairly middling, 3 out of 5 type of product. That’s why ActionTiles and SharpTools exist to begin with. :wink:.


Eventually we will have only one app. We don’t have a date yet because we know there are still gaps that need to be resolved. We are working very slowyly to migrate all users to the new app as the gaps are closed.


@jody.albritton Please give us the ability to trigger our Arlo cameras to record when events such as motion sensors sense motion or contact sensors open and close. Just like SHM in the classic app. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Does the new app record any video?

yes. STHM in the new app can trigger video clips with the newer Samsung Cam and Arlo Cameras. The ST cam can also be triggered to record from automations. Not sure about Arlo.

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I’m afraid to ask…but has anyone with a lot of custom device handlers and SmartApps converted to the new SmartThings app with minimal pain? I’m currently running six hubs with a lot of device integration and device handlers and am not looking forward to “upgrading” to a new system.

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orangebucket: I don’t know whether your response is British, but it sure is peculiar. Why, if a system is working for someone, would you wish to “clear the decks” against them in favor of a system that “has gaps” (translation into honest language: is not working)??

I have never grasped that mindset. Please explain your thinking.

I don’t think anyone has done it with “minimal pain,“ but talk to the folks in the following thread:

New app — which CUSTOM DTH’s will work?

Thanks. It looks like I have a little work to do, but there may be some advantages in the long run.

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I don’t. I just want to see the ‘gaps’ closed so the old app, SHM and routines can be completely switched off instead of lingering on, and I’d like to see that happen by the end of the year.


Depends on what your ideal outcome is. I found that most of the custom DTHs I was running were now able to use stock DTHs. I have a ton of Aeotec devices in my house and literally everything was on some sort of custom DTH. Moving to the stock handler allowed me to migrate over to oneapp early on. My philosophy on apps has always been such that I never really needed custom apps. In the past, I used my custom rest endpoint smartapp and everything that I wanted to do with an “app” I ran as external code. I realize given that I am a software engineer I do a lot things that most people won’t be doing and I have the home server equipment required to run the stuff I do.

  • Most custom apps can be replaced with rules
  • Most custom device handlers can be run with stock
  • Minimize complications unless you like to tinker with complicated things

All that said, there is still a very real need for custom capabilities and we are working to address that in the new app. The SmartApp story has changed a lot over the last five years. With the new rules engine I expect most people will be able to accomplish very complex automations with rules and those will eventually execute locally if the deivces involved support that.

Behind the scenes there is a big push to expand what we offer to developers and how we support them. Once we have a better developer story I believe there will be a better consumer experience as well. Beleive me when I say that just because I work for SmartThings my family does not give me a free pass when things around the house don’t work as expected.


Re Aeotec devices… Can you please arrange for the stock DTH for the Aeotec multisensor 6 to update more frequently (i.e. the option to select 1 minute or 5Lux). My multi sensor is the heart of my lighting scheme and I currently use a custom DTH which does offer 1 minute refresh rates. The 8 minutes minimum refresh rate used by the stock DTH is too coarse when outside light is quickly fading.
I really would prefer to use a stock DTH to gain local control.
Hope you can get someone to action.

Do you mean, As an example, my Honeywell thermostat has the capability of resumeprogram, But it’s not exposed in the ST app? But it is in webCoRE? Is that what you mean by custom capabilities?

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Custom capabilties will allow a developer to specify any capabilty that we don’t offer as a standard capabilty. In this instance if “resumeprogram” is not capability we support it could be created and associated with a device. There will also be a concept of customizing an existing capabilty like switch and just having it display resume program instead of on/off in the ui.


@jody.albritton is there a DTH for the Zooz and Aeon Smart Power Strips that treat each endpoint as its own outlet? I had to use an custom app, which works great.

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