Is Internet Connection Required for V3 hub?

I’m sorry if I ask probably dated questions but I’m new to the smarthings world and I don’t know if a connection trough a PC to the hub (connected to a router) is feasible. I mean what happened to me in a previous experience is that the internet is down for some reasons and I have to be able to activate the home alarm and it has to work indipendently (i.e. activate the siren if some sensor fires and so on). Can I do that with the v3 appliance?


SmartThings is a cloud based system. The heavy lifting is done in the cloud. What that means is unles you’ve specifically designed around an Internet outage dont expect itntonwork when thebinternet is not available. The hub (in most cases) is just an interconnect. (there are ways to make certain things run locally but thats beyond scope for this discussion)

One of those things that heavy lifts on the cloud is STHM. So no internet, no STHM. No arming, no disarming, no state change period. That also means that if you setup sensors and alarms (sirens strobes etc.) to run locally theyll proceed running the last command given including alarming… With nonway to shut it off. But if Im reading your question correctly you probably already figured that out. Personally this is why I dont use SmartThings as a primary security system.

There are ways to integrate a purpose built security system into ST so you can make them work together there are many ways tondonit just search the community site.

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Thanks a lot Nathan. Very clear. And straight :blush:

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