Is Google too big?

Google Shares Fall Ahead of 60 Minutes Feature on Antitrust Threat


Yes they’re too big


But isn’t Amazon also “too big”?

Wasn’t Microsoft once “too big”? Is it still? No…?Was it’s “bigness” corrected by penalties and regulations or by organic market forces?


I wouldn’t say that they are too big. But, I do believe there should be viable regulatory oversight. They should not be permitted to engage in acts that stifle competition. A fair and competitive market is always what’s best.

Though, a $21 million fine is nothing. It’s Less than a drop in the grand scheme. To be fair, the penalty should be based on gross worth and be applied equally to all businesses.


I would say organically penalized…No?

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The same could be asked of any company that is a major force in it’s market i.e. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Coke, Wal-Mart, etc. Previous giants included Montgomery Wards, K-Mart, Sears, Craftsman tools, IBM. They will get as big as the market and economy will allow before things start to implode. Of course from the implosion of one business will rise a new idea that will give birth to new companies that will go to be giants also.

Google, Amazon and Facebook are not only too big, but they are too invasive into the private lives of consumers. I think there should oversight and regulation on companies can do. Limit what consumers data can be viewed, sold or used without their consent. Facebook also had access to non-users data without their consent since it came from their friends etc that were that members of FB that had allowed consent to all their data.

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