Iris vs Smartthing120-Volt White Smart Plug

It will with custom device type.
I just think it is a typo and its zigbee only.
We can always look inside and check chips.

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I have one as well and its connected using zigbee, not zwave. Power metering works with no issues, and it is identified using the samsung smart plug profile.

This plug must only be available in some parts of the country. Unfortunately, it’s not available where I am… once it is though, I’m picking up several of these!

It took me a while to get it working. The first one I got was part of the 4 piece bundle Lowe’s had on sale. It wouldn’t work at all. I returned it and the second one did seem to want to pair. I think I manually edited the device and changed the device type to SmartPower Outlet after it paired.

It seems that this plug is two devices, a zigbee switch/repeater and a z-wave repeater… It’s interesting that you were able to get the Z-Wave part to pair but not the zigbee. I have one sitting at home but haven’t had a reason to try and add it to the system yet. I’ll give it a shot when I get home.

So, I’ve successfully paired both devices within this plug. The zigbee switch was automatically discovered as a ‘thing’ and I associated it with the Smartpower Outlet devicetype in IDE. The z-wave repeater is discoverable if you hold the on/off button on the plug until the light blinks a few times, should only take a few seconds. Once the z-wave repeater is found it will be associated as a “Z-Wave Device”. This is the correct devicetype however it will show switch capabilities, which you can ignore. I have no real way of testing if the plug is acting as both a zigbee and z-wave repeater but it seems like everything is working properly at this point.

This is a very nice device in that it gives you a Zigbee switch, Zigbee repeater AND Z-Wave Plus repeater all in the same package, and all for cheaper than the normal Smartpower Outlet.


Also the smartcam HD pro is around 40 bucks cheaper in amazon than in the smartthings webpage

@blebson, I have both my Iris Smart Outlet and my ST Outlet paired and working under the SmartPower Outlet device type.

  1. Is it correct the ZigBee repeater on both unit will not show up on My Devices list on the ST API and yet the the repeater will be working?

  2. I followed your instructions to get my Z-Wave repeater on my Iris Smart Outlet to pair and show. It did not and my unit kept blinking blue for a while and went back to normal. Am I supposed to see it connect on my phone app? Am I supposed to see it on My Devices list on the ST API? You have any ideas how I can get it working?

This is correct, the repeater is part of the outlet itself and doesn’t require any additional devicetypes or configuration from my understanding.

You should be able to pair it exactly like a normal z-wave device. Make sure that you are in the ‘Connect New Device’ mode in the app before making the outlet go into pairing mode. If you have already paired it previously and then removed the device you’ll have to go through the z-wave exclusion procedure before being able to re-pair it with SmartThings.

so i picked one of these up hoping that it would work as a cheaper SmartThings Outlet, and it does, but it’s missing the power usage info. here’s the data/raw description/current states from the SmartThings unit:

endpointId: 01
manufacturer: CentraLite
model: 4257050-RZHAC
Raw Description 01 0104 0100 00 07 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0B04 0B05 01 0019
Current States
switch: off
power: 0
heartbeat: alive

and here’s the one from the Iris unit:

endpointId: 01
manufacturer: CentraLite
model: 3210-L
Raw Description 01 0104 0100 00 08 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0B04 0B05 FC03 01 0019
Current States
switch: on

there are definitely some differences. any thoughts on how to configure the Iris?

Check out this post:

It currently will show power usage when refreshed but is not automatically refreshing. You can possibly use Pollster in order to refresh the outlet at a set time interval.

thanks ben, that’s great stuff. oddly, in the app, it asked me to complete the setup, and after clicking through that, it’s now showing power usage, though maybe it was just the refresh issue.

i haven’t tried to pair the z-wave yet, but will definitely do so, thanks for your work on this!

Where is the device type? I get 404 error on the code.

The URL had to be udated in order to support IDE integration. The post has been updated, this is the correct URL:

Thank you, I thought my connection was faulty or I had a spoof DNS.

I’ve paired it as a “Zigbee Switch Power” device type and it reports power usage and updates automatically. my iphone 6+ draws 7 watts when charging with ipad charger.

I can’t get the zwave repeater device to pair yet. edit: after restarting hub I was able to pair it, I wish there were a device type for the repeater so it doesn’t show as a switch.

The devicetype that it uses is the default devicetype for a repeater, using it allows the repeater to run locally, although that really doesn’t matter much since you don’t directly interact with it.

I just purchased one of these second Generation Power Outlets and it pairs as the IRIS outlet using the device type and it indeed goes on and off with the press of the button in ST and it does register watts. I also think it is updating on it’s own.

Have you noticed that the watts no longer show on the IRIS Power Outlet? The only way I can see the watts is look at recently or in Smart Tiles. There is a bug somewhere as it was working up to the last ST IOS update.

I agree with the Samsung plug, it also does not support being a repeater, at least I cannot get it to work.