Iris outlet problem

Hi all, I am new to Smartthings but have had not problem connecting my Smartthings starter devices and an Osram light.

However my Iris outlet only gets discovered as “Thing” with the status “please wait” and cannot be configured. I have removed and reconnected it several times with the same result.

I connect it with the generic connect function and plugging in with button pressed down.

Any ideas on how to fix this–preferably noob-freindly ones?

Once its found as a thing you will need to go into the and set it to the right device type.

Its under My Devices->Find the device name (may be thing)->Click it. No in the Device screen click Edit and change “Type” to SmartPower Outlet, and update.


Thanks! I didn’t even know about IDE! Now it is working great.


I knew about the IDE and it still got me.

Should note that with SmartPower Outlet it is zigbee only, so no zwave repeating. For me I only need zigbee repeating (plenty of zwave light switches)

If you want zwave repeating you will need to add this device handler to the IDE:

If you are only using ST devices and OSram no need for zWave repeating.

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