IR remote electric fireplace

I have an electric fireplace that is controlled via IR remote. The fireplace is able to turn on without heat and just simulate fire and the lights of the flame and bed can be changed independently. I am looking for a way to control it exclusively via Smartthings but maintain all functions. I found a schematic maybe someone can point me in a direction to accomplish this.

I would just use a Switchbot mini. Excellent IR control that works with SmartThings. See the following thread. It’s talking about turning on a tv, but same solution:

Under $50 simple no coding solution to power on most brands of smart TVS (Switchbot)

@JDRoberts - I agree with everything that you say; however, the original post referred to an electric fireplace and not a gas fireplace.

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Thanks. But it is not gas. It’s electric. Devils in the detail. Living in Florida. I will almost never use the heat function. But I do want the ability to turn on the lights. It’s more of a decor piece than an actual fireplace

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My bad, thanks! I will correct my post above. :sunglasses:

Sorry, my error. I’ve changed my post above. See the new information. :sunglasses:

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Basically something similar to my harmony hub.

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Have you looked into a Bond?

Yes, but three advantages (I have both harmony and Switchbot)

  1. Switchbot is cheaper

  2. Switchbot doesn’t use activities, it mimics button presses on your existing remote. So setup is simpler and often offers more options

  3. Switchbot mini is smaller

That said, if you already have a Harmony hub in the room you may be able to just set up an activity for the fireplace. (I have mine set up to control some electric candles that came with a remote. :sunglasses: )

Yes. Switchbot mini is cheaper, smaller, and does more. :sunglasses:


What @JDRoberts said.

I’m using one for my TV and Alexa control. Make sure you buy the newer one, which is much smaller than that cloud looking thing.


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I have both harmony and bond. Bond is way under utilized and also clear across the house. I’m gonna look into switchbot. I’m assuming it needs line of sight. Can you add blast to it like the harmony hub?

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Line of sight . . more or less. I’m using mine to turn on a cable box behind a glass door about 3’ off the floor and a TV with a receiver about 5’ off the floor. One time I put the fireplace remote down in front of it. The TV got turned on but the cable box didn’t. I haven’t tried bouncing the IR off a wall.

Not familiar with the Harmony, but if you’re referring to a remote IR extender, I don’t think so.

The Harmony hub is an IR blaster itself and you can add up to two external 2.5mm plug in IR remote emitters.


All IR is line of sight. IR doesn’t travel through obstacles like radio waves do.

As far as additional blasters, the Switchbot company themselves don’t make one that I know of. Theoretically, it should be possible to use any IR repeater device, but I haven’t tried one. There are literally dozens of them made, some as inexpensive as $10, If you want to play around with one.

Thanks for all the info. Time to order stuff and play around. I have a smartlife RGBW. My first intention was to hard wire that in somehow to use it with google assistant but what you all are recommending seems so much easier.

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Whilst technically correct, don’t forget you can bounce IR signals off most reflective, or even semi reflective surfaces. I have a Broadlink Pro connected to an Echo which controls my cable TV box by bouncing off a white wall. Works every time :smiley: