iPhone presence detector stopped working 2 days ago

I checked my IFTTT activity log and discovered that my iPhone isn’t firing my automated tasks, what changed? I have crested new apps, rebooted my phone and SmartThings hub and it is still not firing.

Are you aware of IFTTT’s subscription/payment plan for more than three recipes? Is that having an effect on your issues? Also, you technically should not have to use IFTTT to create presence based automations. You could use the ST app without using IFTTT in most cases.

I am aware of it. And no it is not the cause of the problem because I paid for the subscription and this issue started three days ago. The new SmartThings app doesn’t show phones as a device like the classic. So I am relying on iffft activity log.


This thread may be of interest to you.

Create a virtual switch that turns on when you’re home and off when you’re not.

Do you have a McAfee App on your phone or any VPN apps? My iPhone presence quit working for me last month. Turned out that the McAfee virus protection on my phone enabled “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) on it’s own. One of the actions of VPN on a phone is to make it look like it is somewhere other than where it really is. Turned it off and everything started working again. Just thought I’d throw this out there for general knowledge.

  1. Smartthings changed phone presence reporting from presence to occupancy sometimes around 12/6.
  2. It’s been hit or miss since. My phones (Android though) randomly decides to not reporting for hours or days.

As you see, supposedly I’m not home even though I actually came back 4 hours ago. I would not rely on presence for anything.

Mines been working pretty solid lately. iPhone 12 Pro Max. Cross fingers