[DEPRECATED] Switch-controlled Virtual Presence

I decided to create my first device type! It is a virtual presence device that you can control the status via switch.

This Virtual Device has been replaced.

The new version:


This topic would most likely be better placed under the SmartApps section.

I didn’t know where to put it. I also considered devices and integrations.

@April Would you mind moving this topic to Community Created SmartApps?

I did one better. Here’s a new category for community created device types.

@Bengroves thanks!

@ajpri great to see you submitting and coding! :slight_smile:


AWESOME- I’ve spent the past few hours searching and reading, trying to figure out how to get IFTTT to do presence for my kids so i don’t need to install the whole app and give them ability to fiddle with everything. This fits perfect!


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@MichaelK Did you finish creating a presence sensor using IFTTT? I have 3 phone on 3 operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows phone 8.1) that I want to give presence permission but not total control. I tried installing the IF app on my wife’s iphone and use it to change a simulated switch just to see it it would work fast enough. It didn’t seem to change as quickly as I would like. I basically want it to change before they get to the driveway to change the mode to home if anyone of the phones arrive. Any suggestions is appreciated!

basically you just need to install the device in the first post.

It gives you a presence sensor tht is alwo a switch.

then connect to IFTTT and tell it if you enter the georfence, connect to wifi, whatever to turn the presense switch “on”. When you leave tell it “off”

for my family the geofence doesn’t work well but wifi connection does for 3 of 4 phones. My one kid did soemthing to his wifi settings so his device apparetnly goes to sleep after a time and so IFTTT is no longer connected and seems him as having left. Also when one of the kids walks the dog it seems them as gone- which is totally accurate- but i was hoping for a couple block radius which wifi just isn’t going to do and the geofence just didn’t seem consistent at all.

So quite new to Smarthings…

Ive added the device type ok.

Not sure what to do next ?

Ok sussed it…

Ive tied it to my phone so i can toggle my presence off and on from my pc…now i can test all my triggers :smile:


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Glad you liked it. I am going to be writing the steps this weekend on how to install the Switch.

Did you get the instructions finished ?

I thought I had Sussex it but actually ended up in a real mess with it tied to my phone and the real presence on my phone stopped working.

Ended up deleting my phone and re-adding it.

That has left a device that I cannot delete now, just errors when I try.

But I really want to get this working properly so I can use it to test out some triggers rather than having to drive around the block to trigger away states etc :wink:

oops. I’ve been to busy with school and work.

I added some documentation. Honestly, not the best, but works!