Iphone cydia activator commands for hello, home!

NEW UPDATE!, Since the iphone recently came out with a jailbreak for 7.1.1, I have a new method of activating hello, home.

What you will need to install --> Activator & Activator Command (both are in the cydia app store and are free) - PS the pro version of activator command adds icons (not tested)

Here are the steps.

  1. First use the link from @tslagle13 and make a smartapp. I modified the smart app only to have a on switch with no off switch. But you could easily set it up to toggle if you wanted to. Follow link for code -> Virtual switch to change hello, home mode

  2. Next create a switch under my devices (+ new device). Type the name of the hello, home phrase as the name of the switch (easier to select) and select for type momentary button tile. (use whatever name for the network name)

  3. Next, go to the go to the smart things app, it will have already have a blue (+) for the new switch. Simply click the setup new switch and name it. Do not assign any function to it.

  4. Next, go to smartthings smartsetup and go to the my apps section and you should see “big switch from hello home phrases” (from step 1)

  5. Follow the app instructions

  6. Click this click to setup and authorize endpoint example --> http://labs.smartthings.com/exampleOauth.php

  7. Next you will get a page that looks like this:

  8. Copy the link for the switch for “on” and email/text/imessage yourself the link. Copy the link on your iphone

  9. Now you need to have Activator & Activator Command installed for the next step. Click settings and scroll down to Activator Command. Scroll down to the bottom and click show titles and (if you like show output command).

  10. Now back to the first entry and click title 1 (label with hello, home phrase). Then click the command line. FIRST, type in: curl -k -s then paste the link.
    so it would look like: curl -k -s https://blahblahblah. IT IS CASE SENSITIVE!

  11. Now simply go to activator (this is were we can assign a trigger on the phone to trigger the hello, home phrase.
    I simply assigned anywhere -> status bar -> double tap left (goodnight) & double tap right (I’m awake).

Exit program and double tap the right or left on the status bar and BOOM! hello, home phrase should be triggered!
Enjoy. =)

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Thanks for the walkthrough @patelvtp!

I wanted to add some “widgets” to Control Center instead of the Activator controls and found a convenient Cydia app called QuickActivator ($0.99) that ties in with Activator/Activate Command.

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Nice, i like the idea of having a button somewhere.

I really wanted to get SIRI to just accept my command and get it to work. I saw two apps that might help Hello Siri (kinda like okay, google always on voice command) and MyAssisstant (adds custom commands to siri). However, both of the apps are not fully supported with 7.1.1.

assistant+ for iOS 8 just landed on Cydia. It allows you to create custom Siri triggers for activator and custom replies.

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Hey I tried to set this up but the http://labs.smartthings.com/exampleOauth.php step is not working, looks like a bad link. Is this obsolete? Any way to do this with smarttiles?