Dashboard Tiles for Hello Home action

Is there a way to create a tile on my dashboard that when pressed will perform a ‘Hello Home’ action?

For instance, I’d like a tile front and center that will disarm my SmartThings home security system, and perhaps another that will set it to ‘Arm Home’, and yet another that will set it to ‘Arm Stay’.

I have the hello home phrases that do exactly that, but thought it would keep my wife from screaming at me because she forgets how to disarm the system when she comes home if she had tiles right on the dashboard which would perform the same function.

Thank you in advance, I LOVE MY SMARTTHINGS SYSTEM!

Take a look at this


Does your wife use iOS or Android? I wrote an Android app called SharpTools that makes it easy to run Hello Home phrases from the homescreen of a phone/tablet (among other things).

My wife uses it to run a Hello Home phrase we setup that turns off all of the lights except the master bedroom. She loves that she can just turn on her phone and tap the icon without having to open any apps.