Ipad screensaver app?

I mounted my iPad on the wall and use it as dashboard with official smartthings app. When I am not using iPad I would like it to display pictures or weather information. I can’t find any app does that. Any idea what app can do that? thanks

I like “Nightstand Central” from Thomas Huntington. It’s a wallpaper and you can use either a rotating selection of your own photos or just the weather display. It’s been around for a long time, but the developer has updated it for iOS 11, and it works well if you want something that’s on all the time. :sunglasses: Cost is usually $2.99 to remove ads.

Nightstand Central Alarm Clock by Thomas Huntington


It’s just a wallpaper, so to shift back to the SmartThings app you’ll use the home button.

If you want something much fancier that would lock the iPad so it can only go back-and-forth between a slideshow and your dashboard app, you can use a combination of kiosk pro (the $50 version) and “supervision” which is intended for classrooms and requires that you also have a Mac. I could see a hotel or office choosing that option, but just for your own home I don’t think the price is worth it.


Of course we should also mention that many community members looking for a dashboard end up choosing the third-party app, ActionTiles. It usually costs just under $30 for the license (One license per hub, but you can run it on multiple iPads under that same license). That gives you a customizable SmartThings dashboard and you can include a weather tile, camera stills, etc. but it’s not quite the same aesthetic effect as a picture frame which switches to the dashboard. So I don’t know if it would meet your requirements. :sunglasses:



You can also try dakboard.com

There is a free version and a paid subscription with more options if you like it

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There’s also the new SharpTools.io web dashboard.

The same concepts you mentioned apply - including the apps mentioned and Dakboard as a nice “screensaver”.

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OP specifically asked for something to run on an iPad, does your new dashboard work on an iOS device?

Yes. I use it on my iPad at home. Works with any device with a modern web browser.

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I checked link. I can’t see any documentation on how to get to work with iOS

Just log in from a web browser. :grinning: Once you are logged in, a Dashboard link becomes available in the menu. And the third button on the home page under Web changes from ‘Login’ to ‘View Dashboard’.

The Android app and TV app or only for those respective devices, but the web app will work on any device with a modern web browser.

I’m on mobile, so I don’t have the setup GIF handy, but here’s a GIF of it in action:

Edit: here’s a setup GIF in another thread. There’s a dashboard customizer now, so the setup process is slightly different now, but it gives you the gist: