IP Camera push notifications through SmartThings

I have 3 Wansview outdoor cameras. Been using them in coordination with iSpy. I allow iSpy to do my motion detection and record to my server since Wansview desktop program doesn’t allow to save to a server. What I haven’t been able to do is get push notifications on my phone when motion has been detected. The Wansview app says it does it but I haven’t got one. The Wansview app just saves it in a message in the app. The iSpy would require an on going subscription fee to send notifications. I noticed the other day that iSpy does allow you to make a URL call without a subscription fee.

I made a virtual switch for each camera in SmartThings. When iSpy detects motion I am sending IFTTT webhooks to turn on the virtual switch. I use webCoRE to see that the virtual switch was activated and send a push notification. 5 seconds later it resets the switch to off to allow for another webhook to be enabled. Been working really great! Realistically the delay is 1 - 2 seconds once motion is actually detected. This should work for any camera that iSpy is able to use.

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I. would appreciate to know how you did it

Things that need to be done before you do this:

  1. iSpy is setup and running your cameras
  2. IFTTT Maker channel setup
  3. Virtual switches inside SmartThings and allow permission for IFTTT to see them
  4. WebCoRE - allow permissions to see your devices

I used iSpy which is an open source camera software. I run it on a computer that is always on. You will need to have all your cameras installed and setup on iSpy.

Inside of iSpy you can make a webhook request. You can find this under the settings of the camera and motion detection. You will need to go to IFTTT.com and create a webhook address under the Maker Channel. Once iSpy detects motion, I have it make a call to IFTTT maker channel. Once IFTTT see’s the webhook I have it turn on a virtual switch inside of SmartThings. I then have WebCoRE see that the virtual switch has been turned on. It will then proceed to send me a push notification and then turn off the switch so it can do it again upon motion detection.

You can also make webhook requests directly to webCoRE using the “IFTTT execuctes” virtual device trigger and skip the IFTTT middle man altogether. WebCoRE can then change the state of a simulated motion sensor in response. Use a second piston/block to reset the simulated motion sensor after a timeout and you’re all set. I’m doing this with tinycam and it works great.

Here’s a piston i use to set any one of the camera simulated motions sensors to active:

I use another to set them inactive after a 30 second timeout. Each “IFTTT executes” trigger has it’s own address that will trigger that block when the web request is made. I copied and pasted these links into the camera webhook field in Tinycam. I use a separate piston to manage the actual notifications based on activity: