iOS Presence Lag

Hi all,

I have the Smart Home Monitor setup to change modes by means of a routine. When my phone enters a (large) geofence it sets me as disarmed. When I leave it sets me as away (armed). I’ve noticed though that there seems to be an issue where the alarm gets triggered just seconds before the phone is recognized as being inside of the geofence.

I’ve tried increasing the diameter of the geofence and the issue still happens. Here’s a screenshot of the activity feed that illustrates the problem I’m having: The intrusion is detected just seconds before the iPhone’s presence is.

Any tips would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

yeah thats why most say dont use your phone for a presence sensor. It sucks I know. Try using Life360

I had a similar issue with “false” alarms. I’m using 2 iPhone6’s as a presence sensors. In another discussion, as an answer to my question on the same problem, it was explained to me that the “false” alarms were related to the timing of the transactions being processed in the cloud. The first-in transaction was not necessarily the first transaction processed, such that my garage door opening was being processed before my arrival presence. While I still get an occasional “false” alarm, by increasing my geofence distance, the false alarms were greatly reduced. I doubled my geofence to about 800’. The increased distance has allowed time for the transactions to be mostly processed in the order received. If there hadn’t been significant improvement with the geofence change, I may have looked at Life 360. For the very few instances of “false” alarms I still get, the presence sensor change wasn’t worth the effort.

Well, it’s only been 6 weeks but mine has never failed to work as intended. It’s used 2 to 10 times a day in cars, motorcycles, biking and walking. Most people on a community forum will not be here to say how well everything is working unless it’s in response, as in this case, to a post saying it never works.

I have to agree with rudyinDana on SmartThings working well. SmartThings has more than met my expectations. I looked at 4 to 6 other monitoring systems before deciding to purchase the SmartThings system. I held off for about 9 months, waiting for the V2 hub to be released. I didn’t have a V1 hub. In addition to my 2 iPhones as presence sensors, I’m using 2 motion sensors, a smoke / CO2 alarm, a dimmer switch, a moisture sensor, a MyQ garage door and a siren alarm. The community I live in is very safe. I wasn’t concerned about home intrusion, but wanted to monitor my home when no one was at home, therefore my selection and placement of my devices within my home. I’ve contacted the help desk on 3 occasions, once on-line and twice by email. The on-line help fixed my issue immediately. The email help responded to my issues in 2 - 3 days; however I had already found solutions in the Community discussions. My SmartThings system has been a cost effective solution for monitoring the security of my home.

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For what it’s worth thing worked beautifully until the first hub upgrade. Been getting false alarms regarding iOS Presence lag ever since. Increasing geofence range was no help.

Yeah me too. My garage door was receiving the presence signal to open 15 minutes after I arrived. It had been working flawlessly since late last year. It worked as expected today. I rebuilt the rule in Smart Rules last night so IDK if that fixed it or would have started working anyway. I’m sure I’ll get it sorted out but I am hardly doing high level stuff with the system. Anyway it’s not bad enough to be a big deal but that’s because I’ve gone through the effort to not make my house ir my life dependant on this stuff. It’s more of an experiment to me.

Oddly my phone alerts 100s of feet before I get to my house. My wife and daughters are well after they show up. Makes no sense