iOS app won’t show 12 hour time for device history

Any idea what is going on? I can’t find any setting to change the time to a 12 hr format. I also checked on my wife’s account and her phone and it is the same thing, 24 hour time for device history only. All of the iOS system settings are for a 12 hour time as well.

This is for the new app.

So I lied to you on reddit. I was looking at the history tab from the hamburger menu on the home page. I believe you’re referring to the device history on the devices’s page? Mine also shows 24 hr time there.

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Ah, oh well. Just another reason to keep using the classic app until they get the new one up to feature parity.

To be honest they have bigger issues to worry about with the new app :joy:

I just came here to cap off the reddit thread with all actors involved.

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