Introduction to SmartThings for Iris Customers

I guess there is nothing “wrong” with the new app for beginners (and anyways it’s required to complete the registration process).

They will quickly figure out that the power of the vast community of SmartThings lies in the Classic app.

So just as a quick starting guide:

  1. Download the new SmartThings app (Connect). Complete your Samsung account and hub registration
  2. Download the SmartThings Classic app and log in using the Samsung account credentials created in Step 1 above
  3. Enjoy the power of the community SmartApps and Device Handlers using the Classic app

You can find step by step instructions to install SmartApps and install Device Handlers. Very similar but a few slight differences in what you click while installing so just pay attention to the first few steps.

And yes - you can use both the new SmartThings app and the Classic app side by side. So you get to have your cake and eat it too!

PS: You can even use your existing IRIS Keypads with SmartThing along with apps like Lock User Management (LUM) to program codes and control Smart Home Monitor or the ADT SmartThings hub.

You can also find a lot of popular third party paid apps which may be handy during the migration at:

and a very cool dashboard app at: