Introducing Advance ZigBee Arrival Sensor

Are you still looking into testing the v2 and what are you using as a communication platform with other members helping out? I dont have an issue purchasing any hardware needed if it helps this project. It’s exactly what ive been keeping my eyes out for as an intergration with all the other older platforms going out of date and wouldn’t have any issues contributing towards that cause if still needed. Only upset i didn’t see this project eariler on.

This is another great device by @iharyadi, works 100% reliably, with years of experience with similar modules it’s not really a “prototype”, or requires any testing per say. So many uses apart from Presence, I like when I turn the car key, the phones’ Bluetooth turns on and connects to the radio. When there’s motion close to the car at night a security light turns on.



In case anyone need to factory reset the sensor. Here is the step.

  1. remove all power (battery and dc)
  2. press the button on the back of the sensor.
  3. plug the dc power and count to 4 to 5 seconds (not more). Please use some sort of timer or stop watch.
  4. release the button.

It would be nice to have the hub start pairing process when you start the reset procedure. However, it is not necessary.

I know that @Alwas has played integrate the sensor with the home light. This is a very excellent idea.

I come across the following video from my Youtube feed. It is an eye opening. Please allow me to give some context.

Here is a Canadian reporting on car theft. It is not as sexy as “Gone in 60 seconds”. But, it is quite an eye opening. Many cars are stolen under the watch of our camera. Some cars are stolen right in front of our house. In addition, how easy a modern car is broken into and stolen. On top of all that, one of the comments that stick to me is that they find out the car is gone in the morning. I link it to the part that is start to interesting. The whole video is very well put together. If you have time, it is probably worth to watch in whole.

I hope using this sensor I will have better chance to reduce the crime. My sensor may not be able to prevent a car is being stolen. However, it can help to deter the crime with the motion and shock sensor integrated with the home lighting. If the car is stolen anyway, I hope to know about that in matter of minutes versus hours after the crime in the morning. I hope I am giving my car and myself a fighting chance

Hi Everyone, I just want to let you know that I have availability of the Advance Arrival Sensor. It is the released batch.

I just received them. I am very happy with the quality. The manufacture assemble them better that what I can do.

I also have antenna and radar motion sensor if you like to get them together with the sensor. I have multiple antenna options like bellow

If you like to have them boxed, this version has a couple options. I have a 3D printed case here. You can also purchase the aluminum case here. The aluminum case also has tendency to run out of stock. You just have to search it on aliexpress. The color is pink with size 23x44x60mm.

If you like to give this sensor a try, please feel free to PM me.


Have you ever considered using the obd port on the vehicle vs using USB. The reason I say this is that the obd port is usually semi hidden and would make the install a bit more stealthy.

I will considered ODB port in the future. I did looked in to the ODB port to get better integration with the car. Let see how the project take me.

For now, I am not sure if you looked at a couple thread above about the car theft in Canada. I don’t feel the ODB port is as hidden as it should be. I am looking to hide the sensor in the couple cars I have on my driveway. I am hesitant to put the sensor on the ODB port. It is seems with the modern car the ODB is the key ingredient to steal your car. I feel better putting my sensor at location that is independent from the said port.

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Thanks to @Mariano_Colmenarejo, we have an update to the edge driver. The update is basically to support the released sensor device id. There are no functionality changes to the driver. The new driver should be compatible with all the devices that I have shipped in the past. Therefore, you should be able to upgrade your driver and use it with the released and prototype sensors.

The new edge driver is available from the first post. Please double check the driver info. Driver Id is c9631ca7-a9bc-4a5b-aaac-9fecb18941e6.

If this is the first time you install the driver, please go trough the pairing process after you have installed the driver. Once the arrival sensor is found, please make sure to stay in the page where the device for at least a couple minutes.

This is the last driver date: 2022-04-18T18:58:35.074414

It will have been automatically updated to all users on April 19

│ Name                           │ Driver Id                            │ Version                    │ Created Date                │ Last Modified Date          │
│ Zigbee Advanced Arrival Sensor │ c9631ca7-a9bc-4a5b-aaac-9fecb18941e6 │ 2022-04-18T18:58:35.074414 │ 2022-01-21T16:23:04.704808Z │ 2022-04-18T19:03:49.966547Z │
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I just want to let Everyone who ordered the sensors that they have been shipped. Some of you may have received it.


Do you have any more of these to sell? I’m interested. I had a ST arrival sensor that worked good with my garage door opener for my motorcycle. Not sure why they discontinued that product.

@gdevaan, Yes. I do have some sensors available at the moment.

The cost of the sensor is $29+$5 shipping to any USA address. I can ship up to 5 sensors in a box.

In order to fully assembled you will need the following parts.

  1. RP-SMA 2.4 GHz 50ohm antenna. You can find this type of antenna from old/unused WIFI routers. I can also supply the antenna pictured above. The cost of the antenna is $5 each.
  2. Optionally, you may want to install the radar motion sensor. I have some available. The cost is $5.
  3. You will need a JST PH 2.0 LIPO 3.7V battery with capacity around 300 mAH. Here is an example. Please note, I linked battery like this in the past. After a while, they have tendency to get out of stock. Please use this link just as an example. There are abundance of the battery.
  4. I use my sensor with case. I have a 3D printed case here . You can also purchase the aluminum case here . The aluminum case also has tendency to run out of stock. You just have to search it on aliexpress. The color is pink with size 23x44x60mm. Please note that aluminum case does not work with Radar motion sensor.

Please let me know whether you can PM me. I can give you my Paypal on PM. I also need your shipping address when you are ready.


New driver version of the Zigbee Advanced Arrival Sensor to fix Motion Sensor Enable button state after las android app upadate

│ Name        │ Zigbee Advanced Arrival Sensor       │
│ Version     │ 2022-06-21T16:29:22.3605544          │