Intercom System

We are now in a world were you can pick up a good quality cheap android tablet for around $50. I would love to mount one in every room. I live in a 4,000 sq ft house on one level. I would love to see a built in intercom system with the app. I may be the only one, but I think that would be a great option for home control and communication.

Also, I’d love to be able to have a graphical representation of my house on the screen. I remember back when I had an actual computer running my smart house and everything was hardwired. I was able to have a diagram of my house. I could see if light were on, I could see if ceiling fans were moving, I could see a lot more. The previous owners has the entire house laid out. I wish Smartthings would look at taking a route like that. I believe we used an OnQ system before. But I would love to have an intercom system. We removed the old system from the house and the old computer control but miss some of the features.

I noticed that there are some new companies coming out with the intercom feature such as

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Gotta hype our web SmartApp which is currently the favorite option for cheap tablets and more: … It doesn’t support a floor plan layout… Yet. The new engine we’re building will launch with only the current simple Tile based interface and steadily add more customization; yes… Some type of floor plan view is on our radar.


Some form of floor plan with clickable links to a dashboard per room would be beyond awesome!

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LANnouncer has some good options for a sort of psuedo intercom .e.g my kids have cheap tablets mounted in thier rooms, i have momentary buttons to anounce stuff like their dinners ready, phone call etc…

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I have also been looking to set some tablets as wall mounted devices for home intercom and smart home dashboard. Looking into every available option in the market I find hilarious how could someone buy a really limited Crestron tablet for 300 USD if you can do it with a 50 USD android tablet as you said. Anyway I think you might find this link interesting, it´s pretty old, but it gave me valuable ideas, such as mounting wireless charging plates on the wall for the tablets to charge anytime they´re set on its mount.,83560.0.html?PHPSESSID=3snsb9lu4ac9lehpf189e6na44

I will follow this thread closely for any update.