Integration with Sense Energy Monitor?

I would love to see somone at ST work with the folks at Sense to integrate their energy monitor. I have preordered and am very excited at the possibilities.

I see there is already a beta integration for their competitor [Neurio] (


I was wondering about the same. So far no sign of an API or other openness about the sense platform. I have mine up and running alongside a Neurio…of course neither can make much sense of my house so far…no pun intended.

@bradsileo: which one would you recommend: neurio or sense, and why? Thanks for the feedback…


Hi, I’ve developed the integration, and it’s not a beta anymore…

P.S. Personnally, I like Curb better, but there is no APIs per se to do some kind of in-depth integration with ST (like I did for So for the moment, I keep both.


Its a bit of a toss up in my mind. Sense has been well funded and appears
to have some good algorithms in existence or growing along with a growing
user base. This along with a good deployment of machine learning should
make their platform keep getting better. That said I have not found a real
good way to train their system. has a much more open approach with APIs to access data and thus the
ability to integrate it with other platforms and tools. I have not found
any APIs for Sense so far.

In terms of the quality of the dissagregation, I have not spent enough time
to get either working well in my house. Of course this is just the point -
if it takes lots of time it is not a great solution. In their defense, my
house is pretty complex, with multiple fish tanks running lots of pumps and
heaters and 2 heating / cooling systems thanks to an old remodel.

Both were easy to install and I did then myself in less than an hour each.
they operate fine side by side and the data seems pretty consistent when I
look at them at the same time, though certainly not exact.

Thank you for your input.
So this is similar to what I found, too: sense is not that open yet, however they’re promising ifttt integration and web console soon, but it’s superior to neurio with identifying devices, especially those who take less than 400W.
Neurio from the other hand has API more open, but it’s probably due to the fact that their product has been longer on the market than sense.

I guess I was hoping you could make my shopping decision easy :slight_smile: oh well…
Let me throw another curve ball - did you also look at curb energy that monitors every circuit on your breaker box?


Hi @bizior, as I wrote earlier

I have Curb at home and I now prefer Curb over (as it’s more precise if you want to keep track of your different appliances).

The major drawback is that there don’t have the Neurio’s sophisticated APIs. They need a data scentist on their team and quick! Their APIs are not enough to develop the kind of ST integration I did for

I’ve tried to approach them about a good and thorough ST integration, but I haven’t gotten any answers from them.


thanks @yvesracine! I was looking at curb too, and I like the granularity aspect of it. I don’t really care about the API, other than just saving energy history to google drive for my personal use, which seem that I can do via ifttt with neurio.
I recently saw sense product, and was wondering if someone can recommend it over others. I guess I’m down to deciding between those 3: curb, neurio and sense…

Hi @bizior,

I can tell you that Curb is much better to get the real consumption as they are not guessing with complex algorithms to detect the consumption based on energy patterns…In a large house, it’s too crowded in terms of appliances, and you don’t get the real picture. The algorithms may work in a small condo, but not in a house.

If you don’t mind about the APIs, go with Curb…Here are some of the metrics you can get:


Thank you @yvesracine, I guess I’ll have to closer look at curb. I do have one question which perhaps you can answer: I’ve 19 circuits, planning to add one or two more, Curb comes with 12x 30amp clamps, what do I do for the remaining circuits - relay on the main 100amp clamps?


Hi @bizior, you should contact curb support as I don’t want to be liable in case of any electrical problems. Contact


@yvesracine, I will thanks. Are you happy overall with curb? How many circuits you have it hooked up to?


Yes, I’m quite happy with Curb. They send weekly emails about my consumption…I have 10 circuits hooked up so far ( I have 2 left for the future).


P.S. The only major drawback for me is the lack of good APIs.

Anyone have any experience in adding Sense as a ST device type?

I’ve released an unofficial API for Sense:

Trying to install this into my IDE for ST. Can you please provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this. I can not figure this one out. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.