Integration of lutron lights using harmony hub

I’m in the process of using a harmony hub and its ability to connect with the lutron bridge to bring lutron switch support to smartthings. So far I have been able to connect to the harmony hub to the lutron hub and create activities on the harmony hub. I then connected the harmony hub to smartthings and selected the activities that I wanted to be brought into smartthings. This creates virtual switches for every activity you selected to be added to your things tab. I can then tap any of these switches to trigger the activity which then turns on the corresponding light. This all seems to work perfectly but then about 5 seconds later the virtual switch for that activity automatically turns off. This however doesn’t end the activity on the harmony hub. Instead that activity is still going which means that the light stays on even though in smartthings it appears to be off. Has anyone noticed this behavior with harmony activity virtual switches? If the harmony activity switches a Ted like normal switches I would be able to add them to the smart lighting app and use them like normal switches but as it is now once they turn on they stay on because when it comes time to turn them off smartthings thinks they are already off.

I read the faq about harmony connect and triggers and towards the end someone mentions that smartthings now creates the virtual switches for you when you add activities but it doesn’t say anything about the switches reverting to off 5 seconds after being activated.

Thanks for any insight or help anyone may have

I used this setup for a while. I like Lutron so it was perfect for me. I set up all of the routines through Harmony and strictly used Harmony app to control the home. I ididnt use the virtual buttons that Smartthings made, I made my own. The integration has trouble constantly. I have since disconnected it due to reliability issues.

Thanks for the reply Stephen,

So when you made your own virtual switches how did you get those to point to the harmony activities? Did you use the triggers Smart app somehow? Also how did you setup the activities in the harmony, did you make it so starting the activity turns on the light and stopping the activity turns it off? Or I was also thinking you could create two activities, one to turn on the light and one to turn it off. Not sure if that changes any thing though.
Thanks for the input, it’s not promising to hear it didn’t work well for you though. I wish smartthings would just make it so we could connect directly to the lutron hub and not use the harmony. No new radio needed that way just some programming. Since lutron are the only switches that don’t need a neutral wire it seems like a huge missed opportunity.