Integrating Russound C5 controller with Alexa

Hi all,

I purchased a home last year that has several independent systems that were no doubt ahead of their time when installed, but because they were early “smart” things they lack the integration i’d like to achieve. Specifically I have 2 systems I would like to make compatible with my Amazon Echo: a Russound multi-zone amp and a Lutron RA2. I think I need to buy a Connect Bridge to get the Lutron integrated, so ill deal with that after I solve the stereo system project :grinning:

The amp is a Russound MCA-C5, controlling 6 zones of in-ceiling speakers. I can control the amp via the Russound app from both phone and ipad. If the audio source is AM/AF I can use the app too. However, the current system for external audio is an Apple Airport Express plugged into the amp directly that I can cast Spotify to. I can only do this from my iPad though, and not my Android phone. Plus, it takes too many steps and is generally clunky to the point where my wife just uses the echo to play music instead of turning the bigger better system on.

My question is fairly broad at this point: what is the most effective/efficient way to bring this system to a point where it can be voice controlled by Alexa? I have just purchased a smartthings hub, and found redloro’s project for controlling the Russound receiver, but that only gets me part of the way.

I am wondering if I buy an Echo Dot and plug it into the receiver as “Stream 2”, would I be able to use voice control on the main floor Echo to turn on the right zones and audio source via Redloro’s Smarththings project, and then use Alexa’s internal capabilities to get Spotify playing on the Dot plugged into the amp in my basement? Is there a more efficient/effective strategy that i’m overlooking?

Thank you for any advice!

Hi. I have this exact same issue. Were you able to get a solution?

Hi @Jrcinric,

I just received my smarthings hub today and will be working towards this solution. I’ll keep you updated. I did buy a 2nd echo dot and plugged it directly into the C5 controller, which is working great: I leave the speakers on and enabled to “stream 2”, then I can tell Alexa to play music on the downstairs echo, which then plays on the Russound. You can adjust the volume using Alexa as well. It’s all a bit messy (“Alexa, PLAY [song request] on [spotify] on [other echo’s name]” and i dont like having the speakers permanently on, but it’s a half decent mid solution.

Appreciate the insights