Integrating alerts from multiple " SmartThings" Homes?


I would appreciate if some one could give code that will aggregate Alerts from say 20 Homes where we are installing Smarthings. Few of us are living in this community and want to create community portal that will have the aggregation of Alerts etc. Ex: Away Alerts, Arm Alerts, Night Alerts


I wouldn’t say SmartThings is ready to be commercialized.
It is currently very unreliable - You would be getting A LOT of false alerts from 20 houses…

There’s no way in the official features to combine alerts from multiple locations. Each smart app only has the access to information from one location.

You would have to do it by using phone calls or texts or emails to IFTTT, and then have IFTTT turn on a virtual switch that represents that specific location and display the virtual switches on something like smarttiles. So there’s only one location ( The community portal) that has all of the virtual switches, The others are just sending in the updates.

So it’s doable, and the end result might actually be OK, but it’s a lot of individual set up work. Also you would only be getting a display result of the alerts, you wouldn’t be able to do anything with them from the portal display.

So as often happens, it comes down to the exact details of what you want. If you just want a display that shows alarm status from 20 different SmartThings accounts you can do that by having each account send a notification to IFT TT, and having that IFT TT account associated with the “community portal” account and turn on a different virtual switch for each of the 20 accounts.



Thanks for your response. We would just want to consolidate Security ,
safety related alerts at Community portal for security Audits etc…but not
take control of Devices from each Home. It is just info aggregation for


In that case, you could definitely do it with IFTTT as the “man in the middle” between the individual locations and the community portal.

If you want, you don’t even have to use the virtual switches, you could just have the incoming notification to IFTTT log to some data capture mechanism.

You could make a log entries in Google drive or Evernote.

So again, depends on how exactly you want to use it, but having SmartThings send out some kind of notification to IFTTT for each alert then gives you a lot of options.

Just thinking about installing, setting up, monitoring, and maintaining 20 SmartThings systems gives me hives.

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There was one community member (@jrivera) who had about 200 units. If you check the quick browse lists in the community created wiki under projects and look for “second homes and multiple locations” you’ll find some of the landlord topics. :sunglasses:

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Mr JDRoberts,

Thanks a lot. We will try that out.


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Mr Paul,
I would really appreciate your support on the same. Without this facility
we have to collect Security , Energy etc related data manually for audits.
i would very like to interact with you on the same.


Mr Paul,
I forgot to add another community requirement . Alerts such as Fire, Smoke,
Theft etc when say in “Away” mode needs to be addressed by the community
hence require real time access to those such data as well. Typically Owner
is willing to give access to those information as well.


There’s no code. You need a web services smart app that can collect and work with data from all 20 units. SmartThings at a basic level is singular but the API is robust enough if you’re able to bring all your needs together in a custom web or mobile app.

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@JDRoberts Thats correct sir. 320 units as of right now with another 280 coming online. Just got my bulk order of hubs in so the fun has begun.

I’m actually nearing completion on a web app that handles management of multiple hubs, setting lock codes community wide (think maintenance and staff) and individually for individual units.

The manual stuff was necessary for me to know exactly what we needed from a property management perspective.


I wouldn’t say that. I’ve commercialized it for a year. Hiccups here and there in SHM but the core features are solid and the API is excellent