Insteon Smarthings dilemma , please add support!

Ok, here’s my question;

I currently have a lot of Insteon devices, mostly switches, and not to mention these things aren’t cheap at & $50.00 apiece. So, Yes I have quite an investment.

So just coming from switching everything in my house from X10 to Insteon and an ISY-994IR Pro w/Powerlinc, I am now having to look into
the Smartthings Hub. Not because I want something different or the current system doesn’t work, in fact it works very well.

Now, I have to now look at the Smarthings Hub because there is a device over at Plaid Systems / EVE/ Spruce
Irrigation controller that for now, only works with the Smarthings Hub.

Meanwhile, over here at Smarthings, they’re saying that there will be NO support for Insteon devices.

Now, I would love to purchase the Spruce Controller with all of its unique technology in moister sensesing but I am not very motivated to,
give up all of my Insteon devices…

See my dilemma Smarthings, please add support for Insteon!!!



The community already did:

Why not have both? If you’re willing to pay $359.99 for Spruce, just get an ST hub for $99 and leave your Insteon system alone.

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Wait… SmartThings can (unofficially) control Insteon stuff?!

That’s kind of a big deal isn’t it?! SOOOOOOOOOOO many useful Insteon devices, ESPECIALLY this one:

you can do the same thing with, well no fan speed ;):

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And there’s the rub… I’m shocked someone hasn’t created an identical Z-Wave version of the FanLinc, I have four other fans in the house that don’t have a separate fan and fan light switch.

I guess that Enerwave at least allows you to turn the fan on and off separately though!

The local control is huge, it works great. BUT it isn’t all the way there yet, you cannot control dimmers and the polling in SmartThings doesn’t always match the current state of the light (IE: light is on, but ST still shows it off). The integration is very reliable but man, it would be HUGE if a formal integration was built - especially since Insteon is one of the few options for switches without neutrals (which SmartThings/Zwave does not have/offer at the moment).

I have insteon, would love to see this get integrated since my friend has been talking up the Smartthings hub.

Cursory glance, I’m guessing the insteon hub does everything and more, but just focused on insteon only?

And yes, that fanlinc module is unique for some reason… fan speed and light control in one module… I just wish I could get a module that was fan speed only.