Insteon On/Off Outlet

Will this work with Smarttings? I did a quick glance and did not see anything.

Insteon is not directly compatible with SmartThings—they use their own proprietary communications system.

If you are also using an Insteon hub, you may be able to get indirect integration through Stringify:

There are some community members who were coming over from having a large Insteon installation who created their own integration using a “man in the middle“ server but it’s technically complex and fairly expensive. It’s not something you would do just for a device or two.

And there’s one very new option would just became available in the last month or so: you can use echo as a “man in the middle“ as long as the device switch will work with an echo routine. But that would require that you have both an echo and an Insteon hub in addition to your smartthings hub.

The following articles might be of interest. There’s one on supported network protocols in the community-created wiki:

And the following forum FAQ:

Thanks for the information. I thought they would be great due to both outlets being controllable.

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Where can I find more about this new option to use echo as a “man in the middle“? I tried searching but couldn’t find it. I already have all three required pieces, and I want to increase the dim level of my Insteon porch light, when motion is detected by my Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

In the community FAQ ( The topic title is a clickable link)

Note, however, that I was responding specifically to a question about an on/off outlet. I don’t know how it will work with a dimmer.