Multiple Hubs? (Insteon, SmartThings, and Echo)

I currently own an Insteon Hub and varies Insteon switches and accessories which I use an Amazon echo with.

I just purchased a smart things hub due to wanting to have a better selection with third party smart home accessories. I want to still use my Insteon switches and hud just to control my light switches since I don’t think I will have the knowledge or ability to use the Insteon switches with the Smartthings hub.

My question is will the two hubs cause any kind of interference with each other since both will be hooked up to the same router? Also can I use both hubs with my Amazon echo?

They are different protocols, so there shouldn’t be any interference that I know of.

I would think so, the Amazon page doesn’t really clarify. Maybe someone that has both can chime in.

Anyone in the forum have both that can chime in?

Yes. Amazon allows you to add each hub separately, and then you can even combine devices from each into one Amazon group. :sunglasses:

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I use all three, and have ST handle all my Insteon switches and outlets as well. It’s not too hard to setup. I almost never use the Insteon app, it’s only there to setup/text my smoke detectors and some motion sensor/lamp scene’s.

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I have a different question I would like to hook up an insteon hub to control some light switches that I purchased unfortunately I found out they are not compatible with SmartThings model 2477D. I thought that I was buying the Insteon on dimmer switch that works with SmartThings. I already had three of them installed and they work perfectly the VRFO1-LZ3 first generation. Now I’m debating to buy a Insteon HUB so that I can work the rest of my switches.
but I’m afraid that it will interfere with my SmartThings.
Please advise thank you