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Insteon integration?


Hi new to smartthings need help how to install insteon 2477D dimmer switch.


Insteon is a different protocol and not directly compatible with SmartThings. SmartThings works primarily with Zigbee ( using the home automation protocol, ZHA 1.2) or Zwave.

Some members have been able to set up an indirect Insteon integration using some additional hardware, but it’s quite a technical project doesn’t necessarily give you all the features.

See the following article in the community-created wiki:


Thx for the info really appreciated.

(Michael Hess) #4

I control all my light switches and on/off modules with an Insteon Hub via a custom device type in ST. Works well. Can’t use the motion sensors but there is a way, just need the old Insteon Hub or the smartlinc thing I believe.


Hi Michael,

For a non-programmer, can you give some step by step instructions for the custom device type you mention. As an example, I don’t understand how to create a custom device type - don’t really see any way to do that in ST.


Start with this to get an overview of the process:

(Michael Hess) #7

Beat me to it by THIIIIIIIIIIIS much!