Installing webCoRE device handler Issue

I am new to webCoRE, I followed the instruction video to setup webCoRE with my smartthings account and run in to this issue.

When I select “Update from Repo” => “webCoRE(Master)” I only see one .groovy file not the other files as shown in the video.


Can someone please help?

the github settings for webcore:

go to My SmartApps in the upper menu, then click on Update from Repo

check to make sure that you don’t already have the 4 components for webCoRE installed.

It looks like you have run ‘Update from Repo’ when in ‘My Device Handlers’ as it is showing the device handler for the presence sensor.

Make sure you are in ‘My SmartApps’ first, and then run ‘Update from Repo’ from there.

This did the magic. I was on ‘My Device Handlers’. This for pointing it out