Installing GE 12722 as 2 way

I noticed in the instructions manual that comes with the switch it shows a diagram of a Load, Line, Neutral and ground. When I pulled back the cover plate on my switch that controls a single light I noticed that there are only 3 wires coming into the box. white, black and ground. Can this be used with this zwave switch?

Now I don’t know if the white is a neutral or load…

Is there a capped off bundle of white wires in the box not connected to the existing switch?

No. I think that’s the problem there was only 1 bundle of wires coming into the box so I’m not sure how it’s even wired up. I’m missing the live wire from the panel and have no clue how this light is wired. Must be tapped into something else.

Is this switch part of a 3-way switch (one light controlled by multiple switches). If not, it would be strange wiring to not have two blacks coming in.

No this is just a single light it controls. Seems like the electrician that was used to wire this house probably tapped off at another connection somewhere.

Does it control half of an outlet? I have seen and done wiring similar where the black wire is the line and the white is the load back to the outlet. Honestly it doesn’t matter the color though. I have seen some electricians put a piece of black electrical tape at the end of the white wire to signal this is really a line/load.

If it does control an outlet in the room, pull the face plate off that outlet to confirm things. Sounds like you don’t have a neutral wire coming in so you may be hosed.

Yea - the physical switch wouldn’t work by connecting the load to neutral nor by connecting line to neutral, so they probably just used a white wire to bring in the load. This obviously isn’t to code but that’s life man… Anyway, you might check behind the wall for a neutral tucked further back, like behind the blue box if there is one. If there is a switch nearby you can try to fish a neutral over to your wall box using any number of methods. Fortunately it is cheap to have wall board replaced and painted so you might even consider ripping the wall out and fixing the wiring to code.

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Well I ended up using the switch on another set of lights in a 3 way setup with the help of the father in law. Thanks for the help.

You know the hot and neutral and load is located at the light fixture. An aeon micro is perfect for this kind of setup. I should get pay by Aeon for mention them so much!