Input on design for WebCorePiston

So Ive created a Virtual Button, That I want to be able to push and trigger webcore to compile a bunch of device data into one text and send it as a notification or text. (IE: Doors/Windows currently open, Doors and garage open/close status, Temperature setting and current temp) Im hoping for notification. Im fairly experienced with Core, Getting my feet wet with Webcore moving my pistons over form Core. I am a database programmers. So I understand basics. I would like some input on best way to achieve this w/ Webcore. Essentiallyy just a quick visual summary of device info from the press of a button.

Simplest way I can think of is compiling the info in a variable and pushing that information. You can query the device attributes you’re interested in by using [device:attribute] in an expression or if using the values field, {[device:attribute]}.

Yea, that’s about in line with what I was thinking.

Thank you so much. Something to build off of!