Inovelli Red Series Switch (September 2019) & Red Series Dimmer (November 2019)

Jimmy is the all seeing eye, I nicknamed him “The Oracle” for this very reason!


Speaking of which, looks like they’re live on SmartThings as of yesterday :wink:

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Alright Oracle, what do you know that I don’t lol? Do you mean WWST Certified? Bc I’ve been waiting on that for a while and it would make my night!

I’m sure there is more to WWST certification, but I bet they pair without a custom DTH now


I just purchased the new red switch with the last flash sale pricing (which was pretty awesome). It hasn’t been delivered yet, but I was wondering if it would be possible to program the led notification to change based on weather. So possibly use webcore to change the color if it was supposed to rain as an example. Trying to decide whether to buy another while the sale is still running.
Thanks guys!

I’m hoping someone would be able to answer my question. I have a 3 way switch with a netural to one switch but not the other. Could I hook up this switch & have it work with the dumb switch?

Yes, it is possible. I use Webcore to turn off my mosquito lamp when it’s raining.
The color notifications work like this.:
You can set up 5 different notification scenarios that you can define in the configuration of the switch Device itself e.g., green, red pulsing, blue blinking… each of these scenarios becomes a switch in SmartThings. If one of the notification switches turns on, the others turn off (only one notification color at a time… makes sense). In Webcore you torn on the notification switches rather than selecting the color.
So you could do e.g. rain-blue, sun-yellow, Cousy-pink, fog-red pulsing, heat advisory - orange blinking.

All that being said… someone who is good at writing DTHs may move the capability to select colors into Webcore in the future…

@Eric_Inovelli would this switch work in a 3 way with 1 switch having a netural but the otjer one doesn’t?

The smart switch requires line and neutral. In a 3-way with existing dumb switch, the dumb switch does not need neutral.

Update on Red Series Dimmers from Inovelli Community Forum

October 15, 2019: T-Minus 10 days until they ship (took a bit longer than I initially thought, but then again, so has this project!). First batch (Pre-Orders and a small Amazon USA amount) will head to the US on October 25th (should take about 3-4 days via Air) and then the second batch (the large batch) will ship out on November 2nd to Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.

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Latest update on the red series dimmer…

Post from inovelli community forum
Now we’re looking at November 10th shipment to the US and then I’d say likely around the 13th, we’ll fulfill pre-orders and then likely a couple days after that we’ll have them up on and Amazon USA. Canada likely a week or so after that.


Folks are starting to receive shipping notifications for the Red Series Dimmers from inovelli. It should be available at Amazon by next week.


Confirmed. Received my shipment notification today. Been a long wait, but curious to see the differences between these and my Zen dimmers.

Interested to hear the results. I’m thinking of trying some of the Inovelli switches and dimmers.

the red series dimmer is now available on Amazon…

but if you plan to purchase soon, you may want to wait for the upcoming Black Friday sale @


Will these be coming to the UK please

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Instructions include how to add to the classic app. For those of us ‘trying’ to use the new app, can you add instructions?

@Eric_Inovelli is the dth compatible with the new app yet?

It works in the new app, but only basic switch capabilities. (The notifications switches and power monitoring do not display in the new app, but they do in the classic app)

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