Inovelli Red Series Dimmers $25 (May 4, 2020)

May the 4th be with you…

That looks pretty awesome for $25, regular price is $39 I think. Does “unboxed” mean it is used or return, as in open box? Their color based model names are unusual, the ‘red’ model is actually black just like the ‘black’ model.

I only have one paddle style gang of switches in my house though. Also installing switches is such a pain, I’ve gradually been converting to Hue when I find good deals. The RGB notification would be cool to use as they noted, indicate when garage door is open. Still… tempted!!!


This is an unboxed product from Inovelli. Same 45 day return policy. Same 1 year warranty. Buy with confidence! It will come to you with the switch, faceplate and neutral wire. No instructions or box.

@Eric_Inovelli can answer your other questions or contact them directly from their website

Great question. These are brand new switches - we had them in packs of 4 + 2 Free color bulbs, but we ordered way too many, so we’ve been breaking the boxes apart and selling the switches and bulbs individually.


Awesome, thanks for the update!

The RGB-W Z-wave bulbs are on sale for $16.97

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