Innovelli Light/Fan switch

I know I have seen a bunch of people asking how to resolve the issue of not having an extra wire for the light on a fan… I just cam across a new pre-order for Innovelli that looks to resolve that. If I am reading it right, it is Z-Wave to the switch and RF to the light/fan. Someone tell me if im reading right that this would resolve the problem of only having a wire for the fan…

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You are correct. The switch itself doesn’t control the light and fan loads. It send communication to the module in the canopy. So you only need 2 wires (+ground) in the switch box.

Confirming what @prjct92eh2 said :slight_smile: – thanks for checking us out!

This is awesome, I will pre-order

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@Eric_Inovelli do you have a GitHub for all the device handlers so it would be easier to deploy to Smartthings?


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Don’t install it too early. Custom device handlers go stale and cause the device to pair but not be added to SmartThings.

Just confirming that this was a joke, right?

unfortunately not. There’s a long running bug where custom DTH go “stale”. You go to pair a device, it acts like it pairs, but nothing ever appears in SmartThings. If you re-publish the DTH, reset/exclude the device, and then re-pair it works properly.


This is great news. I’ve been waiting for a device like this for a while.

@Eric_Inovelli I’m just a little confused with the use of a separated RF module?
Why not keep it simple like Hampton Bay (only a fan module) which I’m sure would help cut cost and complexity down by a lot?

Is the communication between the RF module and z-wave module two way (to prevent it from ever be out of sync when it comes to status)?
Also, will an RF remote be available for those times where you “can’t” get of the couch to turn the fan on or off?

The Inovelli fan switch solves the problem I have with HB where you don’t have a wall switch. If you lose the remote you cannot control it (Sure you can with the ST app). This is especially important for house guests.

There is no remote that I am aware of and not sure there should be one. A remote could be paired to ST and via rule or app operate the fan and light.

Those are two valid points. :+1: