Innovelli Light/Fan switch

I know I have seen a bunch of people asking how to resolve the issue of not having an extra wire for the light on a fan… I just cam across a new pre-order for Innovelli that looks to resolve that. If I am reading it right, it is Z-Wave to the switch and RF to the light/fan. Someone tell me if im reading right that this would resolve the problem of only having a wire for the fan…

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You are correct. The switch itself doesn’t control the light and fan loads. It send communication to the module in the canopy. So you only need 2 wires (+ground) in the switch box.

Confirming what @prjct92eh2 said :slight_smile: – thanks for checking us out!

This is awesome, I will pre-order

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@Eric_Inovelli do you have a GitHub for all the device handlers so it would be easier to deploy to Smartthings?


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Don’t install it too early. Custom device handlers go stale and cause the device to pair but not be added to SmartThings.

Just confirming that this was a joke, right?

unfortunately not. There’s a long running bug where custom DTH go “stale”. You go to pair a device, it acts like it pairs, but nothing ever appears in SmartThings. If you re-publish the DTH, reset/exclude the device, and then re-pair it works properly.


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