Informative apps for Aeon Labs Enegry sensor?

Hello folks! I am a newbie to home automation. I recently installed the smart things hub and successfully paired an Energy Monitor (Aeon Labs AEDSB09104ZWUS Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Energy Monitor Meter). I have a Schalge Connect lock on order…the habit has started.
Question: After the energy monitor install, all I get on my iphone are 4 boxes: watts used, kWh number, a reset and a configure tab. This really doesn’t tell me anything…and the configure button seems disabled. Is/are there any compatible apps that could chart out my usage in graph form or otherwise. The energy saver smart app just asks for a number to alert you if it gets that high. That is on no real great benefit. Any guidance on more fullsome compatible apps, how to install them etc would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! Al

The device should be showing the default values. I have four all showed default values. So a few questions.

  1. Are you using the default Device Handler?
  2. If you are using a custom device handler are you using the power supply or battery?
    If you are using battery it takes a while for numbers to show.
    If you aren’t using a custom device handler maybe install this one.

If you don’t know how to install do a search here on how to it is very simple. If you can’t find the info get back to us here.

I’ll also add that the Simple Event Logger app does a great job logging data to Google Sheets so you can chart yourself to oblivion when ever you want:

More help can be found here:

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Configure works, but in the background to configure settings. You won’t that button do anything after you tap it, but it does work.

Use the Smartapp from the Marketplace called Energy Alerts. You can set a low and high value to be alerted on. I’ve been using that for a long time now.

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I didn’t ask the question I think it was the OP.

Oops, I selected the text from the wrong post.

Joel:(and all) Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly.

To answer your questions:

  1. As I have plugged both units in right out of thebox, I assume I am using the default handler
  2. I am using the power supply
    3 I am not sure how to install the information in the link. I know this sounds stupid, but do I do it on my PC or on my iphone? And, how is that executed?

Again many thanks for your help to a newbie!

  1. Select and copy the code I linked to.

  2. Log into IDE (SmartThings web site)

  3. Click on My Device Handlers

  4. On right click on New Device Handler

  5. Select New From Code

  6. Paste code you copied into window.

  7. Press save

  8. Press publish (For Me)

  9. Go to My Devices at the top and click
    10 select your HEM from the list

  10. Double click and press edit at the bottom
    12 There is a line with a pull down menu with names of devices
    13 check the one near the bottom that says HEM V1 or something like that.
    14 press save and you are now using the new device type.

Once in you can go into the device on your phone and in the upper right corner is the gear icon click it and you can edit your cost for KWH that is on your electric bill

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I was able to follow your well defined instructions. I copied the entire text of the link in the box and saved/published without issue. I did not see HEM v1, just a generic label of “My Aeon Home Enegry Monitor”. It seems to work and give readouts. Need to play with it a while. Out of curiosity, is there a way to graph out usage, so I can see when my peak usages are over time? Once again, thank you very much! A

Yes there is, do a search for Simple Event Logger. I use it and log to Google sheets.

Scroll up to the 3rd post. I provided a link to the discussion about Simple Event Logger.