Increase / decrease brightness per click on IKEA Tradfri Dimmer?

Hey guys,

is there any way to increase or decrease the brightness of a lamp by clicking on the button several times?
For now I can only assign a fixed brightness level to each button. I want to increase / decrease the brightness each time I a tap a button.


You might want to look at ABC - Advanced Button Controller.

Or, are you using it with IKEA Bulbs? Or other zigbee bulbs?

You can try this in the new App:

This is exactly what i mean! Thank you very much.

Sadly the the ABC Manager closes and tells me something of a server error when I tap on “Button1 Tap to configure” in the Child Creator.

Try in the Classic App. It works there. Some SmartApps seems to be not compatible yet fully with the new App.

Otherwise if Zigbee bulbs, try it with the second method.

Edit: never mind it is not supported yet in the new App.

Yeah great! Thank you!

Now the button hold function does not work. Do you have any ideas to that?
Normal press function works just fine.

@skrippi, Which device is it exactly? Post a link of the IKEA page.