Inclusion Without Borders, Corp

Hi, we are a new established Non Profit Organization, in Orlando - FL; and we brought to United States few technologies that might be helpful to you. First Technology is (software) LIVOX - Speech alternative. Many people with Cerebral Palsy and people that lost their vocal cords, using our technology. Anybody can find more information on youtube about it. or
We also can provide an automation system for quadriplegic for a very low price, able to turn TV on/off; change channels, sound up/down; open an automatic dor; turn light on/off; etc… either with your head, working as a mouse on computer, or typing if you can…

@JDRoberts can really speak up about this topic.

This is actually addressing a somewhat different audience than people in my situation.

People have many different kinds of physical abilities, even if it’s a group where everyone uses a wheelchair.

As I understand it, Livox makes an AAC (augmented and alternative communication) tablet for those who have difficulty with vocalized communication, and they recently received a large grant from Google to help extend the capabilities of this for the Livox nonprofit arm, Inclusion without Borders. All good. :sunglasses:

I myself Only have occasional issues with spoken communication, and in fact I mostly rely on voice controls, such as through echo.

However, there are many people, particularly those with cerebral palsy or ALS, who cannot easily communicate vocally. They would more be the target audience for Livox.

I know @Denise_Lance_Toeriga was in this situation, although I don’t know if she is still participating in the community.

Yes, its a very good system, and it has been approved by over 15,000 people down in Brazil. Over here in United States, we start few cases at Florida Hospital and also UCP from Central Florida. How can I help you?

Tony Cavalcanti