VoiceITT: Alexa Add-on for those with slurred voices (IOS only)

This is seriously awesome. There are many people with mobility challenges or issues like recovering from a stroke Who could really use Alexa to Control home automation except that Alexa just doesn’t understand them. (I myself have this challenge on days when I am really tired and my voice slurs.)

There is now an iOS app, VOICEITT, which can be individually trained to your voice to convert it to something that Alexa Will more easily understand.

If you don’t need this, you may not understand how significant it is, but for those of us who do, it’s very cool. It was highlighted in an article in NEW MOBILITY this month, which is where I first heard about it.

Here’s a YouTube video with one user showing how it works:

And here’s the manufacturer site:

Their business model calls for a subscription of $200 a year, but right now it’s free. That may change once the android version is available early next year. But now is a good time to try it and see if you like it.

One caveat: you have to individually train the phrases that you want to use and that can take a long time. This is not the same kind of voice recognition artificial intelligence that the smart speakers use. This is mapping Your own vocalizations one by one to specific phrases. But you might only need a dozen or so to operate home automation, that’s up to you.

So this won’t be for everybody, and the setup is going to be tedious, but again, people who need something like this will probably at least want to try it. :sunglasses:


I won’t lie, I initially though about making a joke about “drunk mode”.

But, actually thinking about people I know or have known that would benefit from something like this, I think it could really be life changing.


@JDRoberts Thank you for this post. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until the Android version but this could be amazing for my mom! You have helped me come up with solutions to accommodate her disabilities over the past year and I want you to know I very much appreciate your insight, suggestions, updates and willingness to help!

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