In search of colour changing smart downlights for outdoor under soffit instalation

Hello all, i’m in search of smartthings compatible lights suitable for instalation outdoors in my soffiits. Lights would operate white most of the time, but I may change to say red and green at christmas, orange on haloween etc…

I understand the lifx BR30 bulbs are outdoor rated, so that’s 1 option, but i’m not sure I can confortable fit a 6" can in my sofft… I would prefer something that fits in a 4" can or better yet a self contained downlight…

This option from zemismart seems the best option i’ve found but I cannot find any information as to wether or not it can be used outdoors…

I am not as concerned with price as I am with quality… does anyone have a product recomendation or experience with the above products? Has anyone else done smart soffit lighting? this seems like something that would be popular…

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You might be able to use the Lightify Gardenspot lights. Take the lights off the stakes and use double-sided tape to attach them to the soffits.

Hrmm… My first thought was that wasn’t at all the look I was going for, this will be a permanent fixture on my home I want something very polished… But, I suppose it would be possible to fit small pots and retrofit these inside them… Might actually turn out pretty good…not a bad idea.

Well I picked up a set of garden spots to give this a try… There’s some possibilities here but the main issue so far is that the lights on the string are way too close together. I want the pots probably every 6 feet… These lights are more like 6 inches… Has anybody tried to cut and splice in more wire to extend the gap between lights? They look like pretty fine wires…

Buler Buler on anyone having tried those zemismart downlights outdoors? That’s still my prefered choice

I’m looking to do the exact same thing:

  • self-contained RGBW down light in soffit.
  • 90% of the time it’ll be white, only change colour for certain occasions.
  • must look professional / polished

I found these 24V RGBW downlights which just have a 5-wire connection so they can be controlled by a single controller similarly to LED strips. I bought a few H801 controllers and will be modifying the firmware according to this post.

For some reason there aren’t many “dumb” RGBW downlights with just a 5-wire connection. They all seem to come with individual wifi drivers. I don’t need individual control of each light, I just want them all connected to the same controller.

zemismart zigbee downlight is the better one, cause i have bought many pieces from alibaba(zemismrt)

Zemismart products are not outdoor rated

Use [RELEASE] Trend Setter to group them as one.