Importing devices from google home?

Hi everyone
i’m a new smartthings user and have a few FEIT dimmer switches set up in google home app. I’ve been trying to figure out if/how I can “import” those in smartthings using the google home integration is some way so I can control them from smartthings through automations.

it’s not possible, you have to do it other way around - add these lights to ST and import them to GHome

You are of course right that there’s no way to import devices from a Google Home account over to SmartThings.

As far as these specific models,

I don’t think there’s a direct ST integration for Feit WiFi devices, is there?

You can get a partial integration through the Smart Life app, at least for on/off. See:

But you might not get dimmer control, it just depends on the exact model.

You will NOT get true dimming using the work around that I wrote up last fall and @JDRoberts included a link to.

But you can get partial dimming by creating additional tap and run automations in the Tuya/SmartLife app. So if you want the light to come on at 20, 25, 50% or whatever % create additional tap and run automations to turn the lights on at those %. Those additional tap and run automations will get imported into Smartthings and will be usable after you wake them up. Not ideal but it gives you limited dimming control.

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Thanks everyone. I can probably live without true dimming. Here’s my use case in more detail:
I recently bought some zooz remote switches ZEN34 and ZEN32. I can add them to smartthings but cannot add them to google home app (since they are zwave). I wanted to use them to control the FEIT dimmer switches. I guess I have two paths:

  1. use the work around @Paul_Oliver and @JDRoberts mentioned to have the FEIT dimmers sdhow up in smartthings and then control them from there through the zoon remote switches.
  2. figure out if I can somehow get the zooz switches to show up in google home and control feit dimmers from there.

Any thoughts which option is more feasible?

I don’t think that you can use devices to trigger routines in Google Home. You can only use voice, time, location, etc.

You would need to do those automations on Smartthings.

Yep. As @Paul_Oliver notes, Google routines don’t at present let you use a change in state of one home automation device to trigger an action on a different home automation device.

Alexa does, at least for sensors and locks, which is why you will see a lot of discussion in the forum from people who are using a virtual switch to activate a virtual sensor to trigger an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine) and still get at least partial integration with some devices that integrate with Alexa but not SmartThings. But at the time of this writing (March 2022), google does not offer similar functionality.

If you set up the Google home/smartthings integration, then most of your smartthings-controlled devices, whether they are Z wave or Zigbee or Wi-Fi, will show up in Google home in the sense that you can control them by voice. And most of them can be the action in a Google routine. But not the trigger.

Many people, including me, are hoping that Google eventually catches up to Alexa routines in terms of routine triggers, but they just aren’t there yet. :disappointed_relieved:

BTW, as long as you have an Amazon account, you can use the free Alexa app even without owning any echo devices. So you can still use Alexa routines as an intermediary between ST and Feit, for example. And it wouldn’t affect the current integration you have with Google home, that would still work the same way it does now. But it’s still the same kind of scene based dimmer control we’ve talked about already, you can’t fully mirror two dimmer switches that way. so I don’t know if you have any interest in that method or not.

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I do have echo devices so i can try using the alexa app for mediating between ST and Feit. How would I get the zooz remote switch show up in the alexa app? I have ST connected to the alexa app but the zooz remote doesn’t show up there.

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The Zooz remote will automatically show up in Alexa when you link Alexa to ST. But the Zooz remote can’t trigger Alexa Routines or the Feit devices in Alexa.

You would need to used simulated Alexa switches created in ST to control the Feit devices in Alexa. And then use ST routines to let the Zooz remote control the simulated Alexa switch.

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Remotes aren’t usually actionable, so they don’t typically show up on the Alexa list of devices. As Paul said, you will create a virtual device, then you have the remote turn on that virtual device, and that virtual device coming on is what triggers an Alexa routine.

It’s sort of tedious to set it up, but a lot of people find it worth it to get the integration, even if it’s only partial.

There are detailed instructions in the community FAQ

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

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